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Are You an Industry Professional? – Then You Need to Think “CONTENT TOKYO 2015”

You will have to agree with me that the “content world” is evolving rapidly and the way with which content like web, apps, mobile, books, games, films, etc. are delivered is really changing, too. Whether you are an IT professional, media professional, technology professional, entertainment professional, writer, etc., you need to think “Content Tokyo 2015!” Semi-professionals shouldn’t allow themselves to be left out, either!

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What is Content Tokyo 2015?

It is a detailed exhibition-platform where industry professionals from different sectors of the content industry gather to explore and share new business with each other. When’ve got a great product, invention, book, app, etc. and have been looking for a way to further showcase your professionalism and talent to the world, you now have your chance. Don’t say you never knew. You do now. And if you’ve got a great idea that would really impact the world, you need to be in on the exhibition, too. Believe me – the show really revolves around the way in which professionals in the content industry develop new ideas and find the much needed business partners with same mindset.

1“If anyone is interested in participating in CONTENT TOKYO, we hope they choose to do so as we provide a great platform to explore business in the Japanese and Asian markets,” explains Keisuke Amano, Show Director of CONTENT TOKYO. “With 6 powerful exhibitions, all specializing in different and related areas of entertainment content under one roof, joining the show will provide a base for interaction with a vast range of industry professionals. We are confident that your participation will open up new windows of opportunities, build strong connections and inspiration for future business. I look forward to welcoming many professionals from across the world to enjoy this amazing experience together and taking home fruitful business and new ideas.”

“We also look forward to welcoming many new visitors! I hope professionals from the media, marketing, PR departments, leisure, entertainment sectors etc. from across Asia and the world will come to find fruitful business at the show as well as enjoying the interacting with professionals from every stage of content creation.”

The “Content Tokyo 2014” edition of the show brought together more than, 1,068 exhibitors and 50,208 professionals, all from the content industry. Nonetheless, I expect this year’s show to be even bigger and better, due to other great additions that weren’t there at last year’s edition. So expect more attendance and many more industry powers!

What to Expect:

Here is the exhibition contents outline

  • 6 content exhibitions under one roof
  • Latest advanced technologies for content
  • 700 creators and 180 production companies
  • Expanding characters and brand license
  • Trending content marketing
  • Informative conference
  • A show where content and business will finally hatch


Having seen the contents outline of the “Content Tokyo 2015,” you can surely agree with me that you don’t really want to2 miss out, right? Anyway, let’s break down the different categories of the exhibition; maybe that would really cement your decision to attend – that is, if you haven’t made up your mind already.

“Content Tokyo 2015” Exhibition Categories

Content Marketing Expo

Content Marketing Expo is the area where content-related products in the business industry like media services, technologies in advertising, enterprises, marketing services etc. will be showcased. This event will take place at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. Expected Exhibitors to attend are: Hitachi Solutions Ltd., Info Cubic Japan, Catch The Web Company 3Ltd., Startialab Incorporations etc., as well as visitors from Asia and around the world are also expected.

Creators Expo

Creators Expo is the event where products such as gifts, handicrafts, Industry materials (packaging) and other related business services will be showcased. Many exhibitors such as Graphic Designers, Poets, Illustrators, Photographers, Writers etc. that fall within this category are expected to attend. It is a great avenue for creators to showcase their creativity to potential customers and businesses.

Production Expo

The Production (Entertainment) Expo will feature products from Research and Development Industries, Media and4 Advertising, Computer Hardware and Software, Musical Instruments, and other business services related to this category. Exhibitors to attend include: Convert Communications Company Ltd., Cad Centre Corporation, Koyoto Shisaku Net and a host of others. Numerous visitors are expected in this category, as well. If you are a Production Professional, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Licensing Japan

This is one of the greatest happenings of the event. This particular display aims at bridging the gap between licensees and licensors. It is a great outlet for everything associated with the licensing business. The Licensing Japan Expo brings to bare the trends in consumers for the future and it also showcases the leading licensing agents from numerous licensing companies. Some of the expected exhibitors are: Automobili Lamborghini Spa Italy, Danken Enterprise Company Ltd., 5Aion Company Ltd. etc.

Advanced Content Technology Expo

This is an exhibition where the trending solutions in the entertainment experiences and interactive technologies will be showcased. Exhibitor profiles for this category include Interactive Technologies, Robotic Technologies, Entertainment Solutions, 3D printing and 3D modeling technologies, and many others.

Contents Solutions Expo

This is the part of the trade show where solutions for content creation, distribution, interaction and management are presented. The Contents Solutions Expo draws together professionals in the entertainment industry from Japan, and all over Asia together due to its varieties of exhibits.

“Where is Content Tokyo 2015” taking place?

The trade show event will hold at the Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan from 1st to 5th of July 2015. All you need to expand 6and grow your businesses can be found under one roof. Now, you see why you need to think “Content Tokyo 2015” …

Go Get Registered!


A group of 6 exhibitions, specializing in the areas of entertainment content creation, distribution, licensing, technology, service and marketing brought together as one event. This unique show brings synergetic effects among all genres of the content industry. As the world of content is changing, and content such as TV, Films, games, books, music, apps, web and mobile are becoming borderless, CONTENT TOKYO provides an exciting and comprehensive platform where various sectors of the content industry can explore new business with one another. Content Tokyo 2015

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