CoreMelt’s Black Friday Deals Aren’t Over Yet!

CoreMelt’s awesome Black Friday sale is still available through December 1st and you definitely need to take advantage of their incredible offers on motion templates! The VFXMarket section features 50% off their collections that pinpoint and feature Fashion, Technology, Real Estate, and Weddings in retro styling and illustrated pen and ink! Also, CoreMelt isn’t stopping there. Receive all CoreMelt plugins and plugin bundle packs at 30% off during the sale, including Chromatic color grading plugin which that has been all the rave from industry editors, DOP’s, and colorists.

To receive these discounts on all the plugins use coupon code: FRIBLK17XX at checkout!

To browse the VFXMarket for the 5-pack specials go to:

To browse MeltCore’s awesome collection bundles and to save over 50% with Everything bundles go to:

From Roger Bolton, founder and director of CoreMelt Plugins: “With Chromatic we are trying to give you an entire grading suite in a plugin. Our grading solution includes tracked masks as well as all the usual curves, wheels and selective color keying. That’s just the start, since release we have already added support for the tangent ripple controller and are now about to add support for auto balance using an X Rite Passport color chart.”

CoreMelt offers a wide array of tutorials to utilize their software on both FCP7 and FCP X, as well as, Premiere Pro! Make sure to checkout their support section which features an abundant array of sections from direct contact to tech support, quickstart guides, system requirements, and  help videos!

About CoreMelt:

CoreMelt’s mission is to bring powerful and flexible tools to video editors with simple workflow and at affordable prices.  We take the tools from high end visual effects and bring them to you inside desktop software. Using our years of experience in feature films and high end tv commercials we redesign complex user interfaces to make our software simple and intuitive to use.  We also pride ourselves on our customer service and responsiveness to our users.

CoreMelt Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company founded by Roger Bolton, a visual effects veteran with over 15 years experience in post production and whose list of feature film credits include “Lord of the Rings”, “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Roger has worked as a visual effects supervisor, senior flame operator and lead compositor all over Asia as well as in the UK and Australia.

A complete VFX Bio and showreels can be viewed here: VFX Website.

CoreMelt Pty Ltd has offices in Sydney, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand and sells their products worldwide through the internet and resellers in the US, UK and Japan. Please use our contact form for all non-technical support inquiries.

CoreMelt and the orange hexagon of cylinders logo, PolyChrome Transitions, ImageFlow Fx, The flaming V2 logo and “get more grunt in your workflow” are trademarks of CoreMelt Pty Ltd. All content on this website copyright CoreMelt Pty Ltd 2009 ACN 134 625 095.

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