Coupang Play excites K League fans and boosts engagement with spectacular sports analysis using Viz Libero

South Korea’s leading OTT provider won over by Viz Libero’s speed, flexibility, and ease of use

Vizrt, the leader in real-time graphics and live production solutions for content creators, today announces that Coupang Play OTT platform is using Viz Libero for its K League football analysis to give viewers in South Korea a completely different and more engaging fan experience.

Coupang Play, one of the fastest-growing streaming services in South Korea, is the exclusive live streaming (OTT) broadcast rights holder for the 2023 K League season. Launched in December 2020, Coupang Play currently streams a range of other sports events including La Liga, Ligue1, Major League Soccer (MLS), Formula 1, and the National Hockey League (NHL).

The streaming platform relies on Viz Libero to give fans an immersive and exciting experience with in-depth game analysis – a novelty for sports fans in South Korea. TruLive Media, as the service provider, is responsible for all the sports programming on Coupang Play.

“The real power of Viz Libero is how easy it is to learn and use. Our producers were able to turn around stunning game analysis clips after just the basic training. When we elevate our sports production value to give fans a unique experience, we are ultimately increasing the likelihood of more viewers being exposed to and engaging with our content. That’s a win both for fans and for us,” says TruLive Media CEO, Jiwoong Kim.

TruLive uses Viz Libero to treat viewers in South Korea to more deep dives and tactical play analysis, and radically differentiate its sports coverage from what’s currently on offer.

“We are continuously improving Viz Libero to deliver speed, precision and make it even easier for operators to create stunning analysis clips. Viz Libero leverages the power of Viz AI to simplify the creation of 3D camera flights and deliver a cleaner, more precise keyer. The upcoming release will further push the envelope on giving operators more freedom and flexibility in creating analysis clips,” says Tehseen Akhtar, Deputy Global Head of Product Management at Vizrt.

Viz Libero’s simplicity of use and comprehensive suite of analytical features — player marking, labelling, and other telestration tools, quick turnaround of 3D camera flights powered by Viz AI, default calibration, and Virtual Presenter, which lets the presenter step right into the field of play, and AR Player Effect, which extracts players from the video for use in the studio, makes the platform the preferred choice in the industry for analyzing any sport.

Additionally, Viz Libero also provides monetization and sponsorship opportunities, allowing operators to place advertisements in prominent and natural positions in the field of play.

All these features, plus the ability to access Viz Libero in the cloud via Viz Now were key factors for Coupang Play selecting Viz Libero as its go-to sports analysis platform.

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