Creamsource Launches Comedy-Inspired Competition with Winnings Worth Up to $50,000

 The winner of the best on-set practical joke could win up to 10 Vortex8 high-end cinema LEDs; competition now open 


Sydney, Australia – September 8, 2021 Creamsource, developers of artisan-quality cinema lighting for more than 15 years, announced a competition to celebrate the one year anniversary of its flagship cinema LED, the Vortex8, in which the winner has a chance to win up to 10 Vortex8 units, a value of $50,000 with a total prize pool of up to $85,000. In a departure from the expected, Creamsource is putting out an open call for the funniest on-set prank for this competition. To enter, Participants must submit a video recording of a SAFE, light-hearted, and hilarious prank* with on-set colleagues via Instagram. Creamsource will reward the winner(s) with its coveted Vortex8 650W high-power 2’x1’ LED. 

“It’s been a tough year and then some; we just want people to have some good-spirited fun with this competition,” says Creamsource CEO Tama Berkeljon. “We’re a company that loves to laugh and play pranks so we thought – let’s invite the community to join in on that! We wanted to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Vortex8 launch by hooking artists up with gear but we had to do it a completely out-of-the-box Creamsource way.”    

*Rules and regulations apply

More Pranks, More Prizes

Creamsource is raising the stakes and giving away more Vortex8 units to the winner(s) in relation to the total number of contest entries – so be sure to share with your network! What this means is that the more people that enter, the more Vortex8 units are given away. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 25 Entries = 1st place winner gets 1x Vortex8
  • 50 Entries = 1st place winner gets 2x Vortex8; 2nd place gets 1x Vortex8 
  • 100 Entries = 1st place winner gets 5x Vortex8; 2nd place gets 2x Vortex8; 3rd place gets 1x Vortex8
  • 250 Entries = 1st place winner gets 10x Vortex8; 2nd place gets 5x Vortex8; 3rd place gets 2x Vortex8

The person on the other end of the winning prank will receive some Creamsource swag and other goodies for being a good sport. 


Important Competition Details
To enter, post your prank video on Instagram and hashtag #Vortexprank, tag @creamsource and also tag two friends. To be considered eligible, participants must be aged 18 years or over and work in the film or television industry in some capacity or be a film student. Contest now open; entries close on October 31, 2021 at 11:59pm GMT. Winner(s) will be announced in November. 

Judging will be conducted by a to-be-announced panel of A-list industry luminaries, tune in on Instagram early September to find out who they are. 


Rules of Engagement 

  1. Don’t do anything illegal, or encourage anyone else to participate in illegal activities.
  2. Do NOT do anything that can harm anyone, or damage their property.
  3. Do not do anything that is against, or outside of the terms of your employment.
  4. Basic common sense ‘Should’ apply at all times, but is NOT required for all entries.
  5. If the rules are broken your entry will be disqualified. You will be contacted by a Creamsource team member notifying you of disqualification.
  6. All parties involved must consent to the content of the video before submission.
  7. All content must be submitted gives Creamsource full rights for distribution on all platforms. I.e. reposts.
  8. Participants that enter must follow Creamsource on Instagram
  9. All entries close on October 31st, 2021 unless extended by Creamsource.
  10. All entries must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of this competition.

Full competition terms, conditions and judging criteria can be found here


About the Vortex8 

The Vortex8 is a 650W high power 2’x1’ RGBW LED panel with CCT ranging from 2200K to 15000K and is the flagship first product in the Creamsource Vortex lighting series. The Vortex8 panel design effortlessly goes from punchy to soft light, allowing users to bring the fixture closer to the subject without the loss of space. Built with durability and elegance in mind, the Vortex8 features world-class engineering, combining diverse production methods from precision-machined extrusions and high-strength die casting to leading-edge technopolymer components and aerospace-grade sealing technologies. The result is an IP65-rated water-resistant fixture that has eliminated external power supplies to simplify rigging and cabling. The absence of traditional external antennas in favour of an all-new internal design limits loss or breakage for gaffers and rental houses alike, improving uptime and rental yield.

With outstanding connectivity and extensive expandable wireless options, Vortex8 ships with LumenRadio built-in and supports Ethernet, Bluetooth, TimoTwo, 5 Pin DMX, Wifi, USB type-A and Creamsource Accessory port. Its narrow source is concentrated with a precision lens array natively providing a 20° beam angle. This yields a blistering 13,900lux at 3m/9ft in 5600K and a dollar per watt ratio of $7.69 per watt making it a high value, extremely versatile lighting system.  


Industry-Unique Five Year Registered Warranty

To demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction, Creamsource offers an extended five-year registered warranty on all fixtures including the all-new Vortex8. Customers need only to register their products within six months of purchase and Creamsource will be in touch to approve the extended warranty. 

Learn more:


About Creamsource

Australia-based Creamsource has been an industry pioneer since 2005 (est. as Outsight), designing and building innovative lighting solutions that power productions worldwide. By partnering with some of the best cinematographers, gaffers and rental companies in the industry, Creamsource leverages expert feedback to provide purpose-built lighting products that address complicated production challenges head-on. Composed of seasoned industry veterans armed with firsthand knowledge of production environments, Creamsource blends an informed approach to design with a performance-oriented ethos to make its lighting solutions visible on film sets large and small.

Creamsource LED luminaires have been applied on major Hollywood feature films including, Lucy in the Sky, Legion Series 3, Captain Marvel, The Mandalorian, Black Panther, Dune, Dumbo, Mulan, Jungle Book, Aquaman, Mortal Engines, American Assassin, Alien Covenant, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Dr Strange and Thor: Ragnarok, and TV dramas including Stranger Things, MacGuyver, Homeland, Zapped, and Magnum PI.


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