Crystal Vision releases flexible budget-friendly profanity delay system for audio and video

Cleanit is Crystal Vision’s new profanity delay system. One of the few products available for protecting video as well as audio, Cleanit allows a live content stream to be delayed by up to 20 seconds in HD (ten seconds in 3Gb/s or 110 seconds in SD), giving the operator time to react and prevent the broadcast of unwanted or offensive video or audio material – such as expletives, obscene gestures, wardrobe malfunctions, bloopers, competitor mentions, coughing fits or technical problems. Features which make Cleanit the ideal profanity delay solution include its budget-friendly flexibility (multiple packages allow the broadcaster to just pay for the amount of protection needed), the ability to delay the program by the exact amount required and the simple, intuitive control using a smart button box or computer GUI – with the choice of either manual or automatic operation of the cover/uncover functions.

Shipping now, Cleanit enables broadcasters to get the perfect level of protection needed for their production. This easy-to-use fully integrated solution – which is based on the Crystal Vision Indigo range of modular products and frames – is available in different versions to suit all requirements and budgets. Cleanit 1 and Cleanit 3 are both designed for video containing embedded audio. Cleanit 1’s audio cover allows the operator to mute (or shuffle) up to 16 channels of embedded audio to mask unwanted content, while Cleanit 3’s audio and video cover allows for audio mute (or shuffle) of up to 16 channels of embedded audio as well as video freeze (or black). Cleanit 2 is designed for video and discrete audio, with its audio cover allowing for audio mute (or shuffle) of eight channels of 110 ohm AES or four channels of analog audio.

Cleanit Custom is for those who need any additional functionality – such as the insertion of a graphic or audio file or clean switching to another source. Cleanit Custom can also be used to get extra video outputs or video outputs in different formats, synchronize the program, get additional delay or use discrete 75 ohm AES or fiber input or output – and will be custom designed to meet the broadcaster’s exact requirements. Cleanit makes the most of rack space: one standard Cleanit will fit in a desk top box, with up to three in a 1RU frame or six in a 2RU frame.

Configuration and operation is straightforward. VisionWeb is a free-of-charge way of operating Cleanit from a web browser running on any device connected to the same network, with its simple GUI making it easy to set the delay timings and activate the audio and video covers, as well as providing feedback status of when the system has been initiated and when it returns to normal operation. The SBB-4 smart button box is perfect for live operation: with four big buttons to press, it features clear text (using LCD graphics) and color indications of function and status. Using VisionWeb or the SBB-4, the cover/uncover functions can be activated either manually or automatically and can be either delayed or (for missed profanities) immediate.

Explained Crystal Vision’s Managing Director, Philip Scofield: “Customers have told us that the Cleanit profanity delay gives them confidence to make programs which engage with the audience. Anything inappropriate is simply and safely removed. The configuration options ensure that the operation meets the exact requirement and provides value for money.”

Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK and with an office in the USA, Crystal Vision provides a full range of interface and keyers and helps people transition through a range of technologies – from SD to HD and from HD to IP.

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