Crystal Vision shows three different keying solutions at CABSAT (Stand D3-46)

CABSAT 2015 in Dubai will see Crystal Vision showing three different keying solutions – products that are traditionally most popular with customers in the Middle East. During the exhibition, which runs 10th – 12th March 2015, some of the products on stand D3-46 will include the Safire 3 chroma keyer which now comes with a full set of control options, MultiLogo logo keyer with new audio features and the award-winning LKEY-SQZ squeeze back keyer in its Middle Eastern exhibition debut.


The Safire 3 real-time chroma keyer now has a full range of control options, with four different options now available to suit all preferences – VisionPanel, VisionWeb Control, GPI and SNMP. For operators who prefer hands-on control, the stylish VisionPanel uses a combination of soft buttons on the large touch screen with hard buttons and knobs and is able to operate any number of Safire 3 chroma keyers. The 3U Ethernet Control Panel is well suited to Safire 3 and other products that need regular adjustment, with fine tuning made easy by using the physical controls. It is Crystal Vision’s most sophisticated general remote control panel to date. New features on VisionPanel include frame and slot labelling, virtual cards and a generally enhanced user experience.


For those who prefer using computer control, the free VisionWeb Control allows Safire 3 to be operated from a web browser running on any device which is connected to the same network. It uses the chroma keyer’s XML control interface which is stored in the frame’s front panel, and the operator simply types the IP address of the frame into the web browser to access the control menus. VisionWeb has all the same new features as VisionPanel, plus password protection which allows and restricts board control.


GPIs are ideal for those who like control as simple as possible. Five GPI inputs can be used to recall up to 32 presets, while one GPI input is dedicated to fading keys up and down. The key can be switched on and off from GPI, allowing an automation system to simply control the key without needing complex protocols.


Finally, SNMP allows the Safire 3 to be easily integrated into a third party control system, for example one broadcaster is using SNMP to recall a different preset for each weather presenter, with the camera height and associated chroma key settings changing depending on the presenters’ height. SNMP traps can be used to alert the operator to a loss of video inputs or other fault conditions.


The Safire 3 can also now work with 31 different video standards, following the addition of 23 new standards to support many post production applications. Ideal for all live virtual productions and the only dedicated chroma keyer for 1080p, Safire 3 features multi-point sampling for easy auto-setup as well as an extensive range of fine-tuning tools including built in color correction and lighting compensation.


The latest version of the MultiLogo logo keyer is a sophisticated video and audio branding tool for adding up to three graphics to HD or SD video sources, and provides 4 GB or 8 GB of internal storage for up to 500 graphics. Features include numerous key processing controls, look-ahead preview, clip recording and trimming, Quick Text, the ability to store 255 partial presets and relay bypass protection. New audio features mean that the MultiLogo can embed up to four audio groups into its video outputs, with audio mixing allowing this output audio to be generated from a mix of the audio embedded on the video input and a voice over or sound effect sourced from either the two internal audio stores or from an external AES input. The voiceover or sound effect can be faded in and out and have its level adjusted, while the main program audio can be partially or fully dipped allowing it to be either mixed with or replaced by the voiceover. The audio can also be cross-faded between video inputs.


Brand new to CABSAT is Crystal Vision’s award-winning LKEY-SQZ squeeze back keyer designed for applications such as squeezing the end credits to preview the next program or squeezing a shopping channel presenter to allow room for additional graphics. It removes the need to use a full vision mixer to provide a squeeze back, and is also useful for those who have a mixer which doesn’t include this squeeze back functionality. It can smoothly resize and move the main video and have graphics or text around it, all with the highest quality picture squeeze – perfect for demanding applications involving moving text. Timeline control can be used to perform a sequence of operations relative to a start signal.


Also on show at this year’s CABSAT exhibition will be Crystal Vision’s full range of interface products that include up and down converters with the picture quality that broadcasters standardize on and 2 x 2 fail-safe routing switches that guarantee a clean switch with a full framestore synchronizer on each input.


Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK and with an office in the USA, Crystal Vision provides digital keyers and a full range of interface equipment including converters, synchronizers, distribution amplifiers and audio embedders to the professional broadcasting industry worldwide.


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