CueScript Management Console to Launch at IBC 2018

The CueScript Management Console will launch at IBC 2018, while several additional teleprompting products from CueScript make their European debut at the show.

The CueScript Management Console (CMC) offers a simple and efficient way to manage and monitor all CueScript prompting resources on a network, regardless of location. Every CueiT prompting application will be able to report all of its capabilities to the CMC, including settings, options, titles of each setting, resources available (i.e. prompters and controllers) and more. The CMC takes this data and renders it, offering the information in a very simple interface. The CMC will be an open API, allowing other third party broadcast network control systems the ability to configure, manage and monitor CueScript prompting systems via control profiles.

Brian Larter, Managing Director, CueScript, said, “This latest CueScript innovation, like all of our prompting solutions, was borne out of a customer requirement for control over multiple studios. For example, the CMC could enable a broadcaster to use the gallery in London to control a studio in New York, with visibility and management of the foot controls, desk controls, wireless controls and the available IP monitors, and assign these to a particular production or show. It gives broadcasters far greater control and flexibility over their prompting set-up.”

CueScript will also present the European debut of the CueB openGear card at IBC 2018. An alternative to the CueB product that forms the hub of the CueScript teleprompting setup and supporting identical connectivity, the CueB openGear card brings new levels of integration to studio builds and reduces physical footprint. Studios can now deploy up to 10 prompting channels in just 2U of rack space, with all of the other advantages of power and connectivity that this brings. CueScript also has a roadmap that will see a number of software options for future connectivity with network management systems.

In addition, CueScript will also demonstrate the CueiT Messaging Centre. This new function of the user-friendly CueiT prompting software allows messages to be fully configurable within the Styles Menu, giving operators the ability to define the message size, position on screen, font, colours and formatting. The messages are displayed on the prompter outputs as overlay, single or multiple messages. In addition to text messaging, operators can provide time information both in the form of a clock – sourced from a local PC clock or internal/external NTP server – and a timer via the MasterClock RC600 device.

The CMC, CueB openGear card and CueiT Messaging Centre, together with a range of CueScript’s range of IP-ready prompter units and accessories, will be available for demonstration on Stand 12.F41 at IBC 2018.

More details can be also found on the newly designed website, which now features in-depth information in a user-friendly format.


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