CueScript Takes Remote Production to the Next Level at IBC 2023

The Show Must Go On, and Now it Can Anywhere There is an Internet Connection Thanks to CueTALK Cloud, SayiT and OnTime Solutions

At IBC 2023 (Stand 11.D10), CueScript, the leading developer of professional prompting solutions, will be showcasing a range of tools needed for broadcasters to more easily produce content in the field. This includes its recently released cloud-based service, CueTALK Cloud, its first voice-activated solution for its CueiT prompting software SayiT, and OnTime, a WiFi enabled clock device that can be easily configured to the local time zone. With the increased demand for REMI- and cloud-based productions, CueScript continues to develop prompting solutions that streamline operator workflow.

CueTALK Cloud is designed to allow CueScripts’ prompting software CueiT- and CueTALK-enabled devices, which feature the latest in IP connectivity, to communicate over WiFi. It allows controllers and prompt devices to be accessible via the cloud using standard public internet connection. It is also designed to align CueiT to be more user-friendly and easily set up between local and remote applications. CueTALK Cloud serves as a VPN replacement solution and brings an enhanced level of flexibility to users working on remote locations. By doing so, this allows for accurate teleprompting anywhere there is an Internet connection and is great for prompting on-the-go

CueScript will also be highlighting SayiT, its first voice-activated solution for its CueiT prompting software. SayiT software application receives a talent microphone input and allows those using the CueiT teleprompting software to be able to have the script automatically scroll in accordance to what they are saying, matching what is displayed on the output of the teleprompter and eliminating the need to manually scroll the prompter script. SayiT can also be used as a main or back-up option for stations with no or few operators, or for stations looking to automate talent scrolling their own script.

OnTime, a WiFi enabled clock device that can be easily configured to the local time zone, will also be a highlight at IBC. While it is a small accessory product, it is a powerful tool for those broadcast teams that require an accurate timing device on the road, especially for those that are traveling to multiple locations. OnTime provides NTP to clocks and is connected via WiFi.

“CueTALK Cloud, SayiT and OnTime are all designed to provide ease of operation for broadcasters across multiple production applications and workflows,” says Michael Accardi, President, CueScript. “By employing these solutions, broadcast teams can work smarter with more reliability, anywhere in the world. CueScript is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art prompting for in-studio and remote broadcasting workflows.”

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