Charles Clements talks about the Commotion at NAB Show

Charles Clements visited NAB in 2014
Charles Clements of Commotion visited the NAB Show in 2014
Charles Clements, Market Development for Commotion – A Broadcast Electronics Company traveled from Lubbock, TX for the NAB. Broadcast Electronics is located in Quincy, IL.
What advice do you have for someone who has never been to the NAB Show before?
Wear comfortable shoes!  Really, it’s a huge trade show and can be very overwhelming for a first-time guest.  My biggest piece of advice, aside from comfortable shoes J, is don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most people at the conference are really nice and willing to help if they can.  The last piece of advice I have is plan ahead.  If you have places you have to be at certain times, do some research beforehand and plan your route – it’s REALLY easy to get distracted by all the things that are going on!


What is the most significant trend in your industry this year?
For Commotion and for me specifically, the growth in mobile has been the most significant.  As broadcasters are focusing more on the revenue they generate from mobile and the ways they engage their audience on mobile, tools like Commotion become necessary for stations to gain full control of their mobile content and the revenue potential from their mobile properties. We’re beginning to see a shift in the way many stations approach mobile which incorporates the station’s brand and personality into their apps, making the mobile app a true extension of the stations brand, instead of looking at apps as an afterthought.  
Why do you attend the NAB Show?
I attend the NAB Show as a representative for Commotion.  Most of my time is spent at the Exhibit Hall meeting with customers and new prospects, but I try to get away from the booth to network with industry professionals as well.  The NAB Show is by far the largest conference I attend annually, and it’s the biggest opportunity I have to meet new people and expand Commotion’s footprint in the broadcast industry.
What did you learn at the NAB Show that  helped you?
 What was the best thing about the NAB Show this year?  What were the highlights for you? Any sessions?
The best thing to me was that attendance was up from the previous year, and broadcasters in general seem to be having a good year so far. Our booth was a lot busier than it was last year, and we came away with a lot more potential business compared to last year.
Where is the best place to meet people at NAB?
It depends on who you want to meet and what your main focus is.  We had a lot of people come by our booth in the Exhibit Hall, and I personally met more people there than anywhere else. Having said that, I attended a meeting in the Encore and was told that was “the place™ to do business this year, and that a lot of meetings took place and a lot of business was done at the bar/lounge between the casino and the main entrance. Since there’s so much going on at NAB, I really think where you go to meet people depends on who you’re trying to meet.
What is the don’t miss event, session or gathering or aspect of NAB for you ?
For me personally, the don’t miss event is the Exhibit Hall.  In my capacity, the booth is where I meet the most people and where I have the best resources available for product demonstrations, access to our marketing material, etc.  I also really enjoy catching up with the friends/acquaintances I’ve made over the past few years. 
 What do you like most about the NAB Show?
What else would you want readers of Broadcast Beat to know about you or your company?
If you’re looking for the most flexible, user-friendly, and profitable mobile app content management platform on the market, you definitely need to give Commotion a try! I’ll be happy to answer questions and provide additional information to anyone who’s interested in increasing digital revenue and fueling audience engagement!
Charles Clements
Market Development Representative
Commotion – A Broadcast Electronics Company  

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