Custom Consoles MDesk Technical goes onstream at Plant Zero.1

Zero Petroleum (Zero), a specialist in the development of eco-friendly fuels, has chosen a Custom Consoles MDesk-Technical desk for installation at its Plant Zero.1 technology centre in Oxfordshire. The newly installed desk will be used as the process control hub of Zero’s laboratory and engineering facility at Bicester Heritage, a former RAF station which still retains an active airfield and motor test track.

“Following a site visit, we proposed a wrap-round layout which makes maximum use of the control room size,” says Custom Consoles’ sales manager Gary Fuller. “The result is a rectangular configuration with an entry point adjacent to the control room door. This can be used by a single supervisor or a team of up to nine operators, dependent on the complexity of each specific project.

“MDesk-Technical furniture is designed for applications where there is no requirement to accommodate large equipment within the body of the desk. Accommodation for two computers is provided in a single floor-to-worktop-height storage rack. The result is both space-efficient and cost-efficient.

“Like all models in our range of control room desks, MDesk-Technical is robustly built to withstand many years of intensive use as well as being capable of modification to meet future changes in workflow. MDesk-Technical also conforms to our high standards of ergonomic design, integrated cable management and eye-friendly styling.”

Measuring just over 6 metres in width and 4.2 metres front to back, the desk comprises a total of 28 bays, each bay being fitted with three video monitor mounting points. All worktop corners within the inner area are curved for safety. Four drawer pedestals are integrated within the console.

Built at Custom Consoles’ UK manufacturing facility, MDesk-Technical can be delivered and installed within 21 working days from design approval. Each frame includes full-width cable management with easy access via removable panels. Cable access to the work surface is via a full desk width brush strip. Monitor mounting points spaced at intervals along the rear of the desk can be accessed by removing their plastic plugs. Cables can be routed through the vertical support legs or via cable boxes.

Also included in the design is a continuous cable brush strip for desktop devices. Extruded aluminium legs with powder-coated feet are provided as standard, combining light weight and high structural rigidity. 19 inch racking for mains distribution panels is available as an option. The MDesk-Technical product series is augmented by a matching 13U equipment pedestal, freestanding 19 inch desktop pods and storage furniture.

Zero ( is a British technology company that makes whole-blend synthetic, non-biological fuels – petrol (gasoline), diesel and jet fuel – in a completely fossil free process, using just carbon dioxide taken from the air and renewable hydrogen made from water. Zero calls this process petrosynthesis. Synthetic fuels, which can be made at scale, can be dropped straight into the existing engines of cars, aircraft, commercial and agricultural vehicles, allowing them to run sustainably in exactly the same way and with the same performance as they do on fossil fuels, without the need for any engine modification. Synthetic fuels eliminate greenhouse gas accumulation through the creation of a circular carbon cycle, and so eliminate the need for fossil fuels in global industries such as aviation. Petrosynthesis is the answer to the problem faced by industries that cannot be electrified – it provides a total substitute for fossil fuels and ultimately all types of fossil petroleum used in the petrochemical industry for the wide range of materials that are essential to modern life.

Custom Consoles designs and manufactures project-specific and modular broadcast, process-control and security furniture. Its product range includes motorised and fixed-height desks and equipment housings. The company operates from a UK-based production facility equipped with 3D computer-aided-design facilities and computer-controlled cutting machinery. These resources provide the dual benefits of precise quality control and prompt delivery times. Custom Consoles’ clients include governmental and corporate organisations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

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