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Customize Your Visual Presentation With ROE Visual’s URC



The beauty behind creativity lies within the freedom it gives any creative. For many professionals working in the broadcast industry, this is a relatable sensation. Because they are presenting their own personalized brand, there is a sense of freedom in their ability to explore and further experiment with the many possibilities their brand can achieve. ROE Visual helps creatives within the broadcast industry achieve this very sense of creative liberty with its customizable URC service.


About ROE Visual



ROE Visual’s tagline goes something like this, “Your Stage, Our Passion.” The company provides unique, best-in-class LED displays for all commercial applications. ROE Visual’s services range from the top stages across the world to exquisite broadcast and architectural installations, with product offerings at maximal creativity, ease-of-use, durability, and visual excellence.  The company builds good frames with the video product, with quality engineered carts, and packaging. Several of their products focus on:

  • Indoor applications
  • Outdoor applications
  • Fixed Installations
  • Creative
  • Touring
  • Processing
  • URC

All of these services make a fine line of ROE Visual’s inventory. But the most striking of these categories is that of URC, which stands for “You are Creative,” which is not only encouraging in of itself but for anyone passionate creative working in the broadcast industry, it is a relatable concept to embrace given that creativity is the main drive behind the content they produce and distribute.


ROE Visual’s URC



ROE Visual’s URC presents its customers with the freedom to create products and designs that go outside the broad range of standard products that the company offers. This type of service provides its users with the chance to create customized products. ROE Visual caters for the need that more and more customers have to create truly unique or adapted products to lift any design to a higher level.

Several of the products under URC include:

  • LED CIRCLE (Has two control systems, a regular one and the other with a WIFI that with a different power box)
  • Mini Block (Has a magnet with many creative possibilities as part of its set up)
  • Crystal Light (Uses high power led with the crystal)
  • Tube 20 (Large mixed-light shell idea for big stage design)
  • Head Dot (Applies LED modules that create the effect of an illuminated head using the creative placement of LEDs on a shaped substrate or panel)
  • Hexagon P25/Shield (Battery powered shield worn on arm to create a visual effect during choreographed performances)

For more information about ROE Visual’s URC, visit www.roevisual.com/products/urc.html.


ROE Visual’s Projects



ROE Visual’s URC and its products have been part of many projects. The company’s visual LED panels have left their mark throughout the world, and professional AV companies rely on the ROE LED panels to perform time and again. Some of ROE Visual’s most inspiring projects include:

  • The Heaven Come Conference 2019 (Client: Concept Pixels)
  • Robbie Williams: Rat Pack Show (ROE Visual LED panels were prominently used in the stage design)
  • The International DOTA 2 Championships (Provided LED screens for the DOTA 2 tournament with a stage design around four enormous displays, suspended in a center cluster)
  • SAPPHIRE NOW (300 panels of Black Marble BM4 panels helped create a central floor space where video content was displayed)

These and many more projects sum up the remarkable work and creativity behind ROE Visual. Learn more about the company’s project success by visiting www.roevisual.com/gallery.


Why ROE Visual



Since the ROE Visual’s inception back in 2006, the company’s main mission has been to go beyond expectation, as should any creative working in the broadcast industry. Every form of visual content they produce should not be limited when it can surpass the limitations an LED provider like ROE Visual specializes in.

ROE Visual offers a broad range of innovative, best-in-class LED solutions and creative elements for the rental and touring market, sporting events, HD broadcast, corporate, architectural, retail, control room, houses-of-worship, and a world of other applications. Many broadcasters can benefit from what is a very diverse range of LED centered innovation, especially when the creativity behind their content can be applied in so many fields, and with a sense of freedom that the company’s URC offers users.

For more information about ROE Visual, visit www.roevisual.com/.

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