Data Shows Personalization Increases Video Comsumption 50 Percent

Today, in-player video recommendation pioneer IRIS.TV has released data proving that the online video experience is enhanced when adding personalization to the mix.  Monitoring the results of its Adaptive Stream™ technology implemented across its clients, IRIS.TV reported that consumption of digital video increased by 50%.

Dedicated to bringing a more television-like experience to online video, IRIS.TV can be integrated into video players and mobile apps. Once activated, through a combination of factors such as machine learning and real-time viewer feedback captured through interactive buttons, IRIS.TV dynamically updates the stream of video. Generally, audiences tend to watch a video then bounce or get redirected to another site or app. However, after experiencing a stream of personalized videos, IRIS.TV found that viewers tend to watch 4 to 5 times as much content, indicating that while reducing bounce is still desirable, more value may lie in the extended experience of retained audiences.

In the past, IRIS.TV has found that video personalization and average revenue per user positively correlate. By retaining viewers using customized and personalized video content, the firm believes that a company’s overall revenue can increase when user’s watch longer and more often. For example, through recommendations, videos within a given library will see more views, even if uploaded years beforehand. By recommending the most relevant videos regardless of recency, the lifespan of long-tail content is bolstered, therefore leading to more views and revenue from the entire library.

IRIS.TV data sheet showing results.
IRIS.TV data sheet showing results.

“Engagement is the goal for content owners because it translates to revenue and satisfied end users,” said Mike Green, VP of Marketing for Media at Brightcove. “A great video playback experiences with streams of relevant content is the TV-like recipe that Brightcove and IRIS.TV are collaborating on to drive that engagement.”

IRIS.TV doesn’t just see increasing viewer consumption by 50 percent as promising for the company or its partners, but for the online video industry as a whole. It believes that dynamic, real-time personalization is the key factor when attempting to achieve higher revenues through longer engagement times.

“We’ve carefully constructed the most dynamic viewing experience to date, allowing users to enhance content consumption and maximize video view inventory for its content publishers,” said IRIS.TV COO Richie Hyden. “Much like programmatic ad tech has revolutionized the advertising space,IRIS.TV is bringing the future of TV to the present by optimizing the delivery of single video assets to users. These results prove that users will increase their consumption when personally relevant content is delivered to them.”

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