Datos Media install MOG F1000 as multiformat gateway in Movistar+

The requirements of the audiovisual market change at the same rate as the technological developments. The multiformat, in content as well as in support, is one of those audio-visual requirements. This is the reason why it is crucial to have the most efficient tools available to carry out the operations with quality, safety and in an smooth and immediate way.

Our client Movistar + is one of the biggest broadcasters in Spain. They offer services such as distribution, platform and creation of audiovisual contents. One of the challenges they have is the increase of professional formats which constantly appear in the market and to which they need to adapt. A need for adaptation which is not only based on a compatibility in reproduction but also in transcoding and transforming other standardized formats to be able to use these in collaborative systems such as Avid ISIS or Nexis. For this integration project, Datos Media has chosen its supplier MOG Technologies.

“Movistar + is one of our big customers who has placed their trust in Datos Media to offer them an integration solution adapted to their needs. To do so we considered convenient to count on the products from MOG Technologies because of their versatility and easy integration with other environments, even through API, which was required for this project. MOG has proven to be a Company which knows how to adapt their products to the new market requirements, new file formats and workflows, an example of this is the adaptation of the system to accept the new types of camcorders and recorders, broadcast as well as professional ” (David Martinez, COO of Datos Media Technologies)

MOG Technologies has more than ten years of experience improving workflow performances within environments based on exchange of audio-visual files, ensuring high interoperability between formats and systems.

To satisfy this requirement from Movistar +, within their archive system, it was decided to install two MOG F1000 systems to use them as a gateway from their archive system to the Avid production environments, moving media as well as metadata between environments.

F1000 is a multiformat material ingest system which allows the transfer between camcorders, servers, editors and media managers even while maintaining the metadata source. It has tools like rewrap, trim and merge that allow the selection and pre-editing of materials from a very quick and intuitive interface, automatically or under external control through WebServices.

mog datos media movistar
mog datos media movistar
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