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Want to know where to find me at NAB 2014? I’m actually going to be in a number of spots where you can see me in action either moderating a panel, hosting a streaming-live program or being a panelist. Do stop by and say hello! And keep abreast of where I’m at and what I’m seeing by following me on Twitter @MobilizedDebra (you can also find me by typing in my name Debra Kaufman).

Monday: From 9 am to 10 am, I’ll be at the Teradek booth in Central Hall, #8218. That day, I’ll be interviewing Ted Schilowitz — you remember him from RED days  — about his new ventures, Devil & Demon Strategy, about bringing power computing to ordinary folks. At around 9:15 am, I’ll be delving deeply into what’s actually going on in the field with regard to distributed post (aka “the cloud”). I’ll be speaking with some people who have real world experience making this happen: Joshua Rizzo, VP of Technology at Hula Post; Matthew Schneider, Director of Technology at Technicolor-PostWorks NY; Joe Beirne, Chief Technology Officer at Technicolor-PostWorks; and Ramy Katrib, Founder/CEO, Digital FilmTree. It’s going to be a really interesting morning.

At 11 am, I’ll be at the Panasonic booth, also Central Hall #3607, at one of this company’s “Hang-Out” conversations. This time I’l be a panelist on a panel about 4K production and post.


9 am to 10 am again at Teradek‘s booth, Central Hall #8218. Our live-streaming show this day will feature a crazy number of amazing speakers: HP VP of Worldwide Product Manager Jeff Wood will talk about what HP is showing in a private meeting room. Next, Colorfront founder Mark Jaszberenyi will dish on the latest in remote dailies and other color-centric tasks. Following him, Michael Lewis, Adobe Product Manager of Pre-Production Workflows will fill us in on what Adobe has unveiled. We’ll end with a very cool conversation about real-world 4K production and post, with cinematographer Curtis Clark, ASC (who also heads the American Cinematographer Society’s technology committee) and two experts from Sony Colorworks, Director of Post Production Technologies Mike Whipple and DI Colorist Scott Ostrowsky.  Think we can’t pack all this into one hour? You don’t know how fast I talk. We’ll cut to the chase and provide not a wasted second in this marathon session.

7 pm to 11 pm I’ll be at the 13th Annual SuperMeet at the Riviera Hotel. This should be a blast. I’d love to hear what you’re seeing at NAB that amazes, shocks or disappoints you.


9 am to 10 am – back at the Teradek booth, Central Hall #8218 for our last live-streaming show and another star-studded cast of speakers. We’ll start off with Dan May, President of Blackmagic Design. You know he’ll have a lot to talk about. Next up is JD Vandenberghe, Product Manager at MTI Film, who can give us a look at what that company has on tap. Arthur Ditner, SIM/Bling workflow producer from Atlanta, is going to talk about what he’s seen at NAB that is germane to new workflow design. And, last but not least, Allison Dollar, Founder/CEO of ITV Alliance, will talk about interactive television, and how that’s impacting more traditional media & entertainment.

1:30 pm to 2:45 pm – Cloud Conference in Room S225. You’re going to need a SMART pass or Conference Flex pass (or press pass), but it’ll be worth it if you’ve got one. I’m moderating a panel on relevant — and real-world — cloud workflows, with some very interesting panelists, including Fox Network and its cloud partner AFrame.

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask any of the panelists on my Teradek shows, do drop me a tweet or email. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and exchanging more business cards. See you there!

Debra Kaufman has covered entertainment and technology for 25 years, for publications including International Cinematographer, CineMontage, HD Video Pro, Film & Video, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and American Cinematographer among others. She was most recently Associate Editor at Creative COW. She has organized and moderated panels at the HPA Tech Retreat, NAB, CES, NATPE, SIGGRAPH, Produced By, Editor’s Lounge and many other industry trade shows and events. She taught a course on digital visual effects at UCLA Extension for five years, and edited a series on CGI/animation for Focal Press. Her work has also appeared in Wired, The Los Angeles Times, Reuters and The New York Times.
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