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DejaSoft assists with remote editing collaboration by offering 50% off the price to help industry professionals – 


DejaSoft further assists with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, by extending its 50% discount on all DejaEdit licenses until the end of July. The offer was introduced in March and was due to expire at the end of April.

DejaSoft’s CEO Clas Hakeröd notes, “At this unprecedented time, we are extending our offer of 50% off all DejaEdit licenses until the end of July. We hope this will help studios,  production companies, post production facilities and remote teams using Avid‘s creative tools. The deal is designed to help professionals complete their projects and to support them on any new work they undertake over this period.”

“As editors adapt to the circumstances caused by the current global pandemic, we continue to offer assistance to the post and production communities in every way we can in order to sustain a much-valued industry.” DejaSoft’s CTO Nikolai Waldman confirms.

DejaEdit is a revolutionary utility that enables editors and operators to collaborate between multiple remote Avid editing platforms. It ensures that media and timelines created or imported in one connected system are shared and mirrored to the local or network storage of other connected systems. This takes place  automatically, quickly and securely in the background, using an internet connection.

Applications include allowing multiple remote editors to work together on a single project, or speeding up file exchanges between location based editors, DITs, and VFX houses, or allowing projects to be accessed anywhere and anytime, while maintaining a robust and up-to-date local copy of all required media files.


DejaEdit makes it possible to work with multiple remote Avid systems anywhere on earth. With global warming issues arising, and people being encouraged to minimize unnecessary travel for various factors including the recent pandemic restrictions imposed on travel and productions, industry professionals can take full advantage of DejaEdit’s powerful file synchronizing capabilities without restrictions.

In addition, a sneak preview of what’s new in DejaEdit Version 3.0 will soon feature on the website next month and is not to be missed. Highlights in Version 3.0 include “Private” and “Global” bin sharing, new security locks, and many other helpful features that facilitate media file transfer across large media projects such as TV series and feature films.

DejaEdit has already successfully been tried and tested on real-world projects, and well-established in Scandinavia and parts of Europe. Award-winning post-production professionals are already using DejaEdit on notable film projects. Oscar award-nominated editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE of “The Favourite”, “The Lobster” and recently “Suicide Tourist” is a fan of DejaEdit. Editor Rickard Krantz, s.f.k. used DejaEdit in the “The Perfect Patient” (or “Quick” as known in Sweden) which was nominated for Sweden’s Guldbagge award for Best Editing. Well-known Scandinavian producer Daniel Lägersten at B.Academy who produced popular TV series “Riverside” and “The Spiral”, said “DejaEdit is a game-changer”.


DejaEdit is affordable with an appealing licensing model, tailored to suit every type of project from shoot to finish. Get in touch with to request half price licence keys under the current offer.

Informative DejaEdit tutorials are available to view on the DejaSoft website

About DejaSoft DejaSoft is a dynamic international software firm based in Sweden that creates innovative products designed to simplify complicated workflow challenges that can arise in film and television projects. Founded by savvy post-production professionals with over 30-years of experience behind them, the company’s primary focus is to ensure processes are as seamless as possible for the end-user. Their flagship system DejaEdit, is a world-first collaborative editing solution for Avid Media Composer, Avid Nexis and EditShare. DejaEdit allows media and timelines to be automatically and securely transferred between editors and colleagues around the world without the need to be continuously online. Licenses include DIT, Editor, Assistant, VFX, Push and Full. After successfully establishing DejaEdit in the Scandinavian market, DejaSoft is now going Global for 2020. Watch this space. View DejaEdit tutorials and find out more at

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