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DejaSoft releases DejaEdit 3.1



DejaSoft supports in-house hosted S3 server in DejaEdit 3.1

For Immediate Release, 2 July 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden – Hot on the heels of the launch of DejaEdit 3, and in direct response to client requests, DejaSoft announces the release of version 3.1 to support private cloud environments using the open source MinIO object storage solution.

DejaEdit allows multiple, remote Avid editors to work together by mirroring their locally stored media and edit assets to the local storage of other connected systems, using secure, background transfers across the internet. It can also be used to exchange media with on-location DITs and VFX / Audio houses. DejaEdit has been used on many notable film projects by top creatives, for example, by Oscar award-nominated editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE of “The Favourite”, “The Lobster” and “Exit Plan”.

DejaEdit uses a centralised server to ensure that all connected platforms have access to the permitted up-to-date media. This central server is based on Amazon Web Services S3 storage and can be either provided by DejaSoft or it can use the client’s own AWS account.

New for Version 3.1, the S3 media server can be created by the client “in-house”, using MinIO S3 object storage.

MinIO (min.io) is an open source Object Server, which can be run in-house on a Linux, Mac, and Windows server and it is also available for Docker. MinIO provides data storage via an S3 compliant API. This allows applications, such as DejaEdit, to store objects in private centralised storage, rather than to a cloud-hosted Amazon S3 storage device.

The ability to operate in a private cloud environment further adds to the security management features that were released for DejaEdit Version 3, where permission to access specific assets by particular users can be controlled via a management console.

“We listen, engage and respond to our client’s needs. DejaEdit 3.1 brings cost-saving advantages, allowing clients to use their own servers. By choosing to run their own S3 object storage, clients remove the ongoing cost of an Amazon hosted S3 account, but more importantly for some clients, it brings the entire data operation in-house, ensuring absolute control with regard to data security and integrity.” Nikolai Waldman, DejaSoft’s CTO stated.


DejaSoft’s CEO Clas Hakeröd added, “All through the pandemic, we have extended our support to production companies, film studios, post production facilities and remote teams using Avid by offering half-price DejaEdit licenses. This offer is available until the end of July, and we are delighted to help professionals in a much-valued industry.”

New software release DejaEdit 3.1 is compatible with workflows for all Avid Media Composer and Nexis systems, and now available to purchase. Quotations can be accessed online using the DejaSoft calculator (dejasoft.com/pricing/) or email [email protected].

About DejaSoft – DejaSoft is a dynamic international software firm based in Sweden that creates innovative products designed to simplify complicated workflow challenges that can arise in film and television projects. Founded by savvy post-production professionals with over 30-years of combined experience behind them, the company’s primary focus is to ensure processes are as seamless as possible for the end-user. Their flagship system DejaEdit, is a world-first collaborative editing solution for Avid Media Composer, Avid Nexis and EditShare. DejaEdit allows media and timelines to be automatically and securely transferred between editors and colleagues around the world without the need to be continuously online. Licenses include DIT, Editor, Assistant, VFX, Push and Full. After successfully establishing DejaEdit in the Scandinavian market, DejaSoft is now going Global for 2020. Watch this space. View DejaEdit tutorials and find out more at www.dejasoft.com


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