Dejero, Musion 3D and Vodafone Romania Win Industry Award for World First Live Rock Concert Using 5G and Holographic Technology


IABM BaM award recognizes the project collaboration at IBC 2019


Rai, Amsterdam, Netherlands – IBC stand 11.C15, September 16, 2019Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide Emmy® award winning video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations, has been recognized for playing an important role in supporting the world’s first live rock concert using 5G and holographic technology, winning an IABM BaM award in the project collaboration category. Dejero and Musion 3D, a leader in holographic technology, worked together with Vodafone Romania to enable an 11-year-old guitarist to join a rock band on stage, and perform together with the band, as a human hologram, through a 5G connection and holographic projection, over Vodafone’s 5G network. The collaboration was also a finalist in the content creation category at the IBC 2019 Innovation Awards.

The impressive showcase was made possible through Vodafone Romania’s 5G Network, Musion 3D’s EyeLiner™ holographic display, and EnGo mobile transmitters and receivers provided by Dejero. Collectively, the crews worked together to produce and deliver the live concert happening on stage in Bucharest, juxtaposed the live hologram of the young guitarist and streamed it over Vodafone Romania’s 5G Network. The reliable, secure, and fast video and audio transmitters and receivers provided by Dejero EnGo platform was a crucial component in making this world first a massive success.

“The introduction of 5G in Romania represents an important milestone, not just for us, but also for the telecom industry, as it brings a new technological standard for communication and social interaction,” said Catalin Buliga, CTO at Vodafone Romania. “Vodafone Romania’s vision is to enable a truly digital society for all Romanian consumers, and by organizing this demo event with a hologram, we aimed at giving a taste of 5G technology’s potential and our excitement for the future.”

Musion 3D provided turnkey production services for this event, including lighting and stage design with renowned AV partner, Hawthorn Theatrical. Vodafone’s 5G network provided the 5G connectivity between the filming location and the on-stage concert. Musion 3D relied on Dejero‘s EnGo mobile transmitter and receiver for live remote contribution to provide incredibly stable low-latency, high-quality, HD video and audio links in both directions. The hologram data stream was routed over a Huawei 5G cellular network and router.

“The crux of this event was the delivery of a high-quality live stream across the network in a way that creates a realistic image on stage. There can be no degradation of service whatsoever to preserve the ‘reality’ of the experience for viewers,” said Ian O’Connell of Musion 3D. “Dejero has extensive experience of live outside broadcast and of mobile broadcasting in the most challenging locations and conditions, and their expertise was key to the success of the hologram delivery.”

Collaboratively, Dejero, Musion 3D and Vodafone Romania won the BaM Innovation Award for this unprecedented event, which gathered thousands of fans and was live-streamed on Facebook. It became Vodafone Romania’s 2019 flagship television commercial in Romania, with over 2 million YouTube views to date.

“We are extremely proud to have played a crucial role in the successful delivery of this event, creating the ‘live’ experience by connecting Vodafone’s 5G network in a way that allowed Musion 3D’s hologram to appear on stage and freely interact with the audience and band members in real-time,” said Todd Schneider, chief technology officer of Dejero. “The possibilities of 5G when it comes to the creation of live events around the world are nearly limitless, and in those cases, extremely reliable transmission technology is vital. Dejero’s reliable connectivity through Smart Blending Technology which blends multiple network connections and the low latency it provides will be crucial for the creation and consumption of large-format live content, such as holographic performing artists—both on 3D stages as well as regular 2D screen devices. For Dejero, 5G is the next evolution of cellular network connections that we blend to provide connection diversity and greater reliability.”

“The hologram concert has generated huge interest and proved once again Vodafone Romania’s leadership in technology and innovation,” concluded Buliga. “We are very proud of this achievement and we are grateful to all our partners, therefore, we wish to share our success with everyone. Winning this prestigious award is a testament to the remarkable contribution of everyone involved in this project and to Vodafone Romania’s steady pursuit of innovation.”

Visitors to IBC can see the award and learn more about the collaboration on Dejero‘s IBC stand 11.C15.


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