Deluxe Entertainment’s Cloud Platform At Upcoming 2020 NAB Show Exhibit


In the broadcast industry, video content is essential and a great tool for content professionals to boost their brand’s marketability. The 2020 NAB Show gathers passionate professionals who specialize in video creation, and with the Deluxe Entertainment Services Group exhibit, then there is sure to be a wide turn out. This year, the 2020 NAB Show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where over 90,000 broadcast industry professionals will unite as part of a global effort to learn and grow in their ability to better create and distribute video content.


About The Deluxe Entertainment Services Group



The Deluxe Entertainment Services Group is a global’s leading video creation/distribution company. It offers global, end-to-end services and technology through unmatched scale, technology and capabilities, which enables the worldwide market for professionally created video. This helps content creators bring their creative visions to life and also ensures that they get to everyone who wants to see them.

Several of Deluxe’s client base includes:

  • Motion-picture groups
  • Television studios
  • Digital content providers
  •  Advertising agencies

The Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has been recognized with 10 Academy Awards for both scientific and technical achievement. These achievements include developments in CinemaScope pictures (as part of Fox Film Corp.) and, more recently, for a process of creating archival separations from digital image data.


Deluxe One Cloud Platform



When it comes to video creation and delivery, the Deluxe One is among Deluxe Entertainment’s finest solutions. The Deluxe One solution operates as a cloud-based platform that unifies the media supply chain. This solution combines the company’s gold-standard products and services ranging from creation to delivery, and open API architecture. This makes it possible to manage all of a customer’s content in one place.

Deluxe One Features And Benefits

In addition to the unique creation and delivery capabilities of the Deluxe One, the additional features of this solution include:

  • An Intuitive Interface (Access to all Deluxe products and services)
  • Customizable Solutions (Meets needs/resources of large and independent creators/distributors)
  • Streamlined Workflows (Accelerated efficiency and speed to market)
  • Open Architecture (Flexible architecture that enables for API integration)
  • Fantastic Visibility (Complete visibility control into previously opaque workflow streams)
  • Microservices (Modular and with constant upgrades)
  • It is Cloud-Based (A global infrastructure that is virtually infinite in capacity, reliable and secure)
  • An Open Marketplace (Partnered with the best technology and service providers, allowing for flexible mixing and matching)
  • Use Your Partners feature (API allows the customer to sync up their preferred vendors with Deluxe system, which further energizes their current workflow)

Deluxe One is the cloud-based solution for modern content.

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About 2020 NAB Show Deluxe Entertainment Exhibit



The broadcast industry thrives on content creation and the Deluxe Entertainment Servies Group successfully provides that service for creators looking to provide and distribute the best video content they can market. This is why the 2020 NAB Show is the perfect event for creatives looking to improve their video creation skills. Not only will they be able to attend the Deluxe exhibit, which will give them great insight as to how they can make better video content, but they will also meet and gain insight from their fellow attendees, which will only widen their scope of knowledge.

Having a great lesson is one thing, but learning from great people is a much bigger ball game. The great success of the 2020 NAB Show is that it unites the most innovative and creatively active professionals within the broadcast industry. It also presents these same creators with the opportunity to mingle and collaborate in a process that equally broadens their creative horizons, as well as the capacity for the broadcast industry to undergo even further expansion. The 2020 NAB Show will take place April 18-22.

Visit the Deluxe Entertainment Services Group exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at the Wynn/Encore Hospitality Suites — Encore 3 BDR Duplex – A , Wynn/Encore Hospitality Suites — Encore Parlor – B , Wynn/Encore Hospitality Suites — Encore Salon – M.

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