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Densitron to pursue joint projects with broadcast consultancy Hawk Media Partnership


KENT, UK – 13 JULY 2020: Densitron, the global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology, has announced a new long-term collaboration with Hertfordshire-based consultancy Hawk Media Partnership. The new partnership will see the two companies actively seek joint projects in the broadcast and media environments that can fully utilise Densitron’s innovative technologies and Hawk Media Partnership’s technical expertise and on-demand availability.

Reuben Such, Global Business Director of Densitron IDS (Intelligent Displays Platform), says that the move is in line with the company’s “intention to build partnerships that can enable further growth for both our IDS and UReady control surfaces range”. Reading about recent Hawk Media Partnership projects, including the development of the MCR at Encompass Digital Media in West London, led quickly to a conversation with founder Angus Blackwood: “By then it had become clear that our two companies are very similar culturally and in terms of their operational ethos. We both try to be as approachable as possible and place a major emphasis on the retention of customers, which at Densitron runs at about 97%.”

The partnership is expected to involve regular cross-promotion between client bases, as well as the development of different packages revolving around specific Hawk Media Partnership services and Densitron solutions. The IDS system will be an integral element here, with recent updates that allow the system to be used more flexibly, whether it’s as part of a hybrid approach or on-premise, at someone’s home, or in the cloud proving highly resonant during the Coronavirus crisis.

In particular, Such anticipates a slew of deployments that support decentralised working patterns and heightened level of automation. A recent project on behalf of CNN London to create a ‘self-op’ area using an IDS touch panel system and simplified control panel is set to be indicative here. Enabling technical personnel to remain focused on priority tasks, the CNN installation allows regular users to press their designated button and have the IDS system automatically make all adjustments to camera, lighting and sound in line with pre-set requirements defined by their presentation preferences.

“The restricted site access that so many people have been dealing with during lockdown means that there has been an increased awareness of remote or distributed production, and we expect that there will be a lot more projects involving IDS in this capacity in the future,” says Such, who expects the two companies to collaborate in the houses of worship, digital signage and new media markets, as well as more ‘traditional’ broadcast and media.

Angus Blackwood, founder and MD of Hawk Media Partnership, adds: “The last few months have highlighted how flexible and agile broadcasters need their control platforms to be now. As a specialist consultancy working on a wide variety of media projects, we believe that the proven IDS system will allow us to provide customers with a powerful and versatile platform that can support different ways of working and integrate seamlessly into complex production infrastructures. We look forward to working closely with Densitron on projects that maximise the possibilities of IDS, as well as other innovative Densitron HMI and display technologies.”


View online: www.densitron.com/insight

About Hawk Media Partnership
The Hawk Media Partnership is a new type of broadcast and media consultancy, providing our customers with a one stop shop of technical expertise and leadership. Our specialist practitioners help our customers solve technical challenges in all areas of broadcast production, content management and distribution.

Our uniqueness is the breadth and depth of experience, our on-demand availability and proven ability as a team of practitioners.

We offer broadcast and media companies a flexible and straightforward way of engaging with highly capable professionals as individuals or teams.

For more information visit www.hawkmediapartnership.com

About Densitron
Founded over 45 years ago, Densitron is a display expert designing and manufacturing touch-based HMI (Human Machine Interaction) solutions tailored to the needs of customers around the world. In 2019, Densitron acquired the Intelligent Display System (IDS) product and brand from IPE Technologies. IDS is readily integrated into Densitron’s control surfaces and offers a fully scalable, network-based display and control system, which is a logical and seamless complement to Densitron’s existing product range. We collaborate with our customers to understand their particular requirements and then create bespoke products to address those. In November 2015 Densitron was acquired by Quixant plc which designs and manufactures highly optimised computing solutions and monitors principally to the global gaming industry. Together, the Company has offices in Asia, Europe and North America and experienced application engineers based worldwide, our global approach to innovation is always underpinned by a thorough local knowledge and understanding of cultural requirements. Our products can be found in a wide range of sectors including broadcast, medical, security, automotive, digital signage and gaming. More information can be found at www.densitron.com.

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