Using Devselz to get visitors sign into your website using their social media or email or phone

Using the free API, in this explicit step-by-step guide how to put a user registry on your website, through the social Login Sig In buttons of Google, Facebook, and Apple famong others, on this platform that also allows user registration over the phone.

Access the Devselz website via pc or smartphone and click on the upper DASH button.

In this tutorial I am going to use as an example the taxi mercedes barcelona taxi website, to which I am going to implement this user registration system so that clients using the barcelona taxi can order the Mercedes-Benz (or Teslas) from the website of Mercedes taxi, registering only with your phone number.


STEP 1: Register on Devselz

screenshot signin for web taxi mercedes

If you were not registered, the registration vein will appear (which is the same that will appear on your website once you have installed and configured everything by following this tutorial, or any other that may appear on the web of course)

There is documentation in the help area, but there is no step by step, which is what I indicate in this article here.



1.1) Fill the data, basically your name, or business name, your email and a password and click on the bottom button in order to Sign In Devselz

1.2) Check your email for a verification key










1.3) Go back to devselz and type the key








1.4)Once done, click OK button and then on the Login button, the platform will Sign to you and redirect you to the Dashboard


STEP 2: Add your domain on the dashboard

2.1) On the dashboard, click on add domain

There’s some info I will  write later basically the KEYS needed from the socials,

but, as Taxi Mercedes need users to be registrered using their mobile number, in order fo rthe company be sure htat the users will wait for the taxis, I will select to be this domain registrered as a Pro or Premium, which will give the ability to charge customers or lock any aount of money if they order anythin.. more on this later or on other article


after Registrered a free license, free with SMS or a pro or Premium, then you’ll be presented with the Dashboard showing the domain

Now its time to do the hardes part, the social keys.

If you dont want to start with a paid license, just register the domain without fillng the social text boxes, you can do later, but as this is mandatory I will do here:


Step 3: Set up your social keys

Please follow the indications on the help and fill the social keys for your domain.

This is mandatory, without the keys, the social buttons wont be show or will fail.

Once you complete all the steps, and got the keys for google sign, the google captcha, facebook sign in and github.. click update

NOTE: If you dont want to use github, then just simpley leave blank the field of Github Keys

By clicking on the icons you can set a Logo (will be used on emails sent to your users for verification on sign up) and adding custom text (in up to 8 languages).

Recommended to set all the settings.

Step 4: DKIM

it is almost mandatory to set up a TXT record on to our domain register in order for our domains to be delivered.

Click on the icon showing a mail opened with a finger, there you’ll find a TXT record name and a value, in order to set a record onto your domain register


Step 5: Getting the script and set up on the website

Click on the last windows to get the script, leave default options

Paste the script on the HEAD sections of all your URLs


Then you can control what your website will do once a user have Sign In or Sign Up

by setting (in BODY tag) the (callback) function set on the above screen, by defaults to dzLogSignOnDataReceived:


 function dzLogSignOnDataReceived(data){alert(“Welcome”);}

Check the example website at to see what data is retrieve on data var, so that you can say Welcome Alejandro ! etc..

You can check on your website whether a user is active or pending to Sign by the var dzUserId

Say you have a button called download you can set onclick attribute, say:


// the user is active an dhas Sign, so proceed to download or give it acces to any place


alert(“please login”);

dzLogSignShowMain(dzLogSignOnDataReceived); //this will call the pop to prompt user for login or Sign




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