Digigram IQOYA *LINK IP Audio-Over-IP Transport System Earns Critical Embedded Solution 2014 Honor

IQOYA *LINK Recognized for Its Stability and Reliability as Embedded Audio-Over-IP Solution for Critical Applications

MONTBONNOT, France — Dec. 19, 2014 — The IQOYA *LINK IP audio-over-IP transport system from Digigram has earned the “Trophée de l’Embarqué Critique” (Critical Embedded Solution Trophy) at Assises de l’Embarqué 2014, France’s premier convention for the embedded industry. Presented Nov. 24 in Paris, the award recognizes the reliability and robustness of the developed system, in terms of hardware and software, in challenging environmental conditions. Digigram’s IQOYA *LINK system ensures 24/7 quality of service for the IP-based delivery of digital broadcast radio programs to FM radio transmitters, regardless of complicating factors such as high EMC or installation in remote locations.

“The unique architecture of our IQOYA *LINK yields tremendous benefits in even the most difficult of deployments,” said Michel Quaix, software group manager and solution specialist at Digigram. “We have designed this system to meet high performance standards, despite variables such as poor network quality, deployment in hard-to-reach, unattended places, and unreliable power sources. Thus, we are very pleased to see — particularly with this award win — that other key players in France recognize the flexibility and stability of this solution in demanding broadcast applications.”

Leveraging the ubiquity of worldwide mission-critical IP networks, IQOYA *LINK enables the distribution of digital audio-over-IP networks, allowing broadcasters to realize much greater flexibility than with traditional audio transport models and do so at a much lower total cost of ownership. The IQOYA *LINK full-duplex encoding and decoding solution provides uncompromising performance for IP-based studio-to-studio and studio-to-transmitter links, as well as audio program delivery to DVB operators.

Based on Fluid IP(TM), the smart IP audio streaming engine developed by Digigram, IQOYA *LINK boasts high field-proven MTBF, very low back-to-back latency, and a host of state-of-the-art features that guarantee audio quality and continuity. The system offers a range of wideband audio compression algorithms that allows for optimum audio quality, regardless of the bandwidth of the IP network. An intuitive Web-based user interface simplifies configuration, control, and monitoring and gives users access to real-time metrics on the network.

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