Digital Airways and ACCESS Twine for Car to enable voice activated in-car booking and payment services

Tokyo, Japan, 2ndJuly 2019 − ACCESS CO., LTD today announced a collaboration to bring the innovative Digital Airways voice activated booking and payment solution to the ACCESS Twine™ for Car Service Platform and Content Service.

The new partnership enables OEM and Tier-1 automotive vendors to deploy an integrated solution that provides drivers and passengers with car retail services, such as booking and paying for hotels, fuel and parking – all accessible by using voice commands. The integration will allow carmakers and suppliers to provide quick access to common services for all car passengers – whatever the circumstances of their journey – and ensure the highest level of usability and in-car safety.

Dr Neale Foster, CEO at ACCESS Europe, said: “It’s the aim of ACCESS to make lives as simple as possible for car vendors, their suppliers and the drivers and passengers of the next generation of cars. Integrating voice-controlled in-vehicle services makes secure purchasing, booking a hotel room or a parking space effortless activities that can be executed on-the-road. Without a solution like Digital Airways’, a driver would have to stop to access services like these – now with ACCESS Twine for Car it’s just a few seconds of talking.”

The ACCESS Twine™ for Car 2.0 Service Platform and Content Service, which was launched at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, provides the building blocks to enable automakers to protect their brands while evolving vehicles into fully personalized connected media hubs ready for the future of autonomous driving. Key new features include enhanced in-car media sharing capabilities, a refreshed HTML5 human-machine/user interface (HMI/UI) and an aggregated in-car Electronic Program Guide (EPG), and availability for both Android and Linux.

“Imagine you’re driving in a strange city, perhaps one that you don’t even speak the language. Finding and booking accommodation, then locating a parking spot can be time-consuming, complicated and possibly expensive. By taking the pain out of this process and enabling drivers to complete it hands-free, we’re making car driving more enjoyable, saving time and reducing stress. We look forward to working with ACCESS to help OEMs and Tier-1s with car-retail services that make the lives of their drivers and passengers simpler and more fulfilling,” said Franck Lefevre, CEO, Digital Airways.

Image of IVI based on Digital Airways

ACCESS Twine™ for Car is a flexible service platform and content service for automotive manufacturers that includes software components, video and audio content rights and consulting expertise. It has been developed to bridge the gap between the automotive and content industries and increase the safety, comfort and flexibility of content consumption for drivers and passengers in the unique in-car environment.

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