Digital Alert Systems 2014 NAB Show Preview

At the 2014 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems will highlight its range of next-generation Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) technologies designed to span all aspects of EAS and CAP requirements. Highlights include the award-winning DASDEC(TM) series of integrated EAS/CAP devices, upgraded with a host of new features. Fully integrated models starting at just $1,995 offer broadcasters the benefit of proven performance, as well as support from a proven manufacturer and innovator.

Furthering Digital Alert Systems’ reputation for EAS/CAP innovations, the company will be demonstrating Mobile EAS (M-EAS), highlighting this next generation of multimedia alerting for mobile television viewers. This exciting technology can easily be integrated into existing DASDEC systems to deliver rich-media alert content to the mobile television viewer, with far more information and content than any other means. In addition to providing a true benefit to the viewer, this technology gives television stations an opportunity to stay ahead in the delivery of news and information to their audiences.
Digital Alert Systems Products at the 2014 NAB Show:

New DASEOC Fully Integrated EAS and CAP Decoder and Encoder
At the 2014 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems will showcase the new DASEOC “M” series. These FCC-certified and FEMA IPAWS-conformant devices represent the only fully integrated EAS/CAP equipment capable of simultaneously providing all four EAS and CAP functions: CAP message origination, EAS encoding, CAP monitoring, and EAS decoding. Simultaneous alert origination to both EAS and CAP servers avoids message duplication, and the single-unit, single-interface approach assures that emergency managers won’t need to purchase separate and disparate systems. With the DASEOC, they need just one device, one solution. Readily integrated into Web, satellite, and wireless systems, the DASEOC also promotes interoperability with a wide range of third-party applications and services, and it provides emergency managers with the most advanced text-to-speech capabilities available in the marketplace.

Photo Caption: DASEOC Fully Integrated EAS and CAP Decoder and Encoder
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DASDEC(TM)-II Emergency Messaging Platform
The DASDEC(TM)-II provides a flexible platform for emergency alert and CAP management in a fully integrated package. Packed with powerful features, the DASDEC-II includes full support for automatic FCC-compliance logging within the system’s nonvolatile memory. A true browser-based interface facilitates simultaneous access by multiple users while making it easier than ever for broadcasters to deploy content to multiple channels and manage all EAS/CAP functions remotely. Up to four non-bridging Ethernet ports enable easy integration in the modern facility. Ready to go straight from the box, the DASDEC-II system can be used as a drop-in enhancement for any existing EAS encoder/decoder set.

The DASDEC-II supports a broad range of physical connections and interface protocols, so broadcasters can integrate the system with a wide variety of new and existing third-party equipment. Built on IP-based technology, the DASDEC-II is engineered to accommodate future emergency messaging requirements through simple software upgrades. The system’s flexible packaging allows for various model configurations ranging from low-cost decoder-only setups to sophisticated messaging platforms tailored to the most demanding multichannel, multi-interface applications.

Photo Caption: DASDEC(TM)-II Emergency Messaging Platform
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DASDEC’s MultiStation(TM) Software With Multilingual Text-to-Speech
New for the 2014 NAB Show is the DASDEC MultiStation(TM) software with multilingual text-to-speech (TTS). Adding MultiStation to any DASDEC(TM) device provides sequential forwarding and selectable TTS conversions. Now CAP messages with multiple language blocks can be selected to play back on specific stations with a high-quality TTS conversion. Combined with MultiStation software, one DASDEC-II system can replace five separate encoder/decoder sets, in turn reducing wiring, rack space, and power requirements.

MultiPlayer(TM) Four-Channel EAS Audio Player and Program Switcher
The award-winning MultiPlayer(TM) four-channel EAS audio player and program switcher eliminates one-channel-at-a-time limitations by providing multiple and completely independent EAS switching, playout, and control that meets the capabilities of the EAS requirements of multiple program streams. Networked to a DASDEC(TM) with MultiStation(TM) software for management and logging, the MultiPlayer is configurable for analog or AES switching of up to four independent program streams and multiple GPIOs for each channel to make facility integration easy. Together, the MultiPlayer, DASDEC, and MultiStation software provide the lowest cost-per-independent stream for multistream EAS/CAP coverage available.

Photo Caption: MultiPlayer(TM) Four-Channel EAS Audio Player and Program Switcher
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DASDEC(TM)-II Models DASLC and DASLCR — Low Cost for Low-Power Stations
Providing core EAS/CAP functionality, the DASLC and DASLCR from Digital Alert Systems are perfect for LPFM and LPTV applications. Both solutions offer dual monitoring inputs and analog-only switching in a compact low-cost package equipped with key features that continue to make the DASDEC(TM)-II emergency alert platform a popular choice among any size broadcaster. Starting at only $1,995, the DASLC is the lowest-cost full-featured, next-generation integrated EAS/CAP system available. The DASLCR provides the same functionality as the DASLC, along with two integrated high-performance AM/FM/WX radio receivers in the same space- and cost-saving package.

Photo Caption: DASDEC(TM)-II LC (Model DASLC — Low Cost)
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“We’re very pleased to continue advancing the development and integration of CAP/EAS into the alerting and broadcasting environment. Our recent work and over-the-air demostration of M-EAS further prove the viability of this messaging platform and the flexibility of our DASDEC in providing the kinds of interfaces critical to its success. With a simple software addition to a station’s existing equipment, the broadcaster can leverage its DTV platform to provide more detailed and critical information than any other provider. It’s a great opportunity for television broadcasters to show what they can do in service to their viewers and community by providing this technology.”
— Bill Robertson, Vice President of Business Development for Digital Alert Systems

Company Background:

Digital Alert Systems is a leading innovator of next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS). The company was formed in October 2003 to increase the effectiveness of emergency communications and merged with Monroe Electronics in October 2009. Based in Lyndonville, N.Y., Monroe Electronics provides R&D, manufacturing, sales, and customer service for the Digital Alert Systems brand. The company continues to retain its hard-earned reputation for quality, reliability, innovation, and service to valued customers around the world. More information is available at

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