Digital Nirvana @ DMP Conference ’18 – Showcasing Closed Captioning Services and Metadata Creation Application

Fremont, CA, September 24, 2018 – Digital Nirvana, a global provider of media solutions and services will be a featured sponsor at the Digital Media Pipeline 2018 conference at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles on September 26, 2018. Given the gradual evolution of digital media, the company’s focus for this one-day event will be business-to-business opportunities in the delivery of digital entertainment.

During the conference, Digital Nirvana will showcase its Metadator application and Closed Captioning Services to interested participants.

Metadator is a software application that makes content-based metadata creation efficient for those using the AVID media platform. It automatically exports media from the AVID platform, generates metadata over a secure cloud platform, and ingests the metadata with locators into AVID interplay, creating a searchable database with AVID MAM infrastructure.

Metadator communicates with the customer’s AVID InterPlay/ISIS infrastructure to extract and securely transfer video or audio assets based on customer requirement to Digital Nirvana‘s cloud-based platform over HTTPS. Various forms of metadata including speech-to-text output, keywords, context, video description, video summary, even high-quality transcripts are generated and posted back onto the client’s internal infrastructure, thereby simplifying the process. While automation provides the ability to process large volumes in shorter span of time, various options within the application offer users the ability to choose the level of security based on their content.

Closed Captioning Services:
Digital Nirvana‘s highly reliable, accurate and cost-effective Closed Captioning services include pop-on services for all technology platforms with automated production workflows. This makes it easier to submit job requests, upload media files, and receive caption files. Used by some of the most experienced closed captioning professionals in the industry, Digital Nirvana’s Captioning services support a wide range of caption file and video formats.
“At the Digital Media Pipeline conference, we will showcase our latest cloud-based services for closed captioning and metadata generation,” said Hiren Hindocha, CEO, Digital Nirvana. “With the rising consumption of video by the world at large, content producers must find ways to make their new and existing videos easy to find online and monetize. That’s where our closed captioning and metadata solutions come in. Any entity that creates visual content and requires the content to reach worldwide audience can benefit from our metadata creation and closed captioning services.”

Digital Media Pipeline’18 is an event that will bring together companies in the video industry in a forum-like setting to discuss the change in consumer habits that transform the entertainment industry. It will include sessions on the latest in digital entertainment, and an exhibit floor focused on International Markets, TV Content, Blockchain technology, and more.

About Digital Nirvana
Founded in 1996, Digital Nirvana, with its repertoire of innovative solutions, specializes in providing knowledge management technologies to customers worldwide, helping organizations to streamline operations, and gain competitive advantage. Broadcasters and media companies rely on Digital Nirvana to improve operations, ensure compliance, reduce costs and protect revenue streams. DN’s compliance driven solutions offers its customers unmatched quality, proven versatility, and best-in-class performance that help broadcasters capture content from multiple sources, create content and publish to various digital platforms. Digital Nirvana is headquartered in Fremont, California with offices in Hyderabad and Coimbatore, India.


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