Digital Rebellion Reveals Major Updates To Kollaborate Cloud-Based Software Solution For Professional Video Workflows

Digital Rebellion, developers of leading video workflow efficiency software tools, today announced an array of new innovations to the  Kollaborate cloud-based review and approval software solution. The Kollaborate workflow platform transforms the creative production/post process by providing users a reliable and cost effective suite of tools to streamline video and audio workflows. Comprehensive and adaptable, Kollaborate features instant real-time feedback, flexible remote collaboration tools and full integration with common professional interchange formats like marker lists and XML.

Important new updates in Kollaborate 1.3 accelerate creative control and simplify the way video production teams work together and share content. Among the key benefits to Kollaborate is the integration with free desktop and mobile helper tools that provide a wide range of functions including cloud upload, note-taking and playing back video and audio content.

For Digital Rebellion Founder/CEO Jon Chappell, workflow efficiency is more than just a buzzword for a company focused on developing tangible and practical software solutions for real-world production and post challenges.

“Video creatives today face multiple platforms and formats, smaller budgets and tighter deadlines and are constantly looking for ways to manage content more efficiently,” Chappell says. “The robust Kollaborate cloud-based feature set delivers exceptional flexibility and stability, powerful automation and enhanced customizability to insure our customers have the most efficient pipeline for their work.”

Chappell adds, “Many of the features in Kollaborate 1.3 come on the heels of numerous updates across the entire Digital Rebellion product line – over 100 in 2014 – giving our subscribers free integration with tools used every day by video professionals around the world.”

Key Kollaborate 1.3 Updates:
Kollaborate 1.3 delivers new features that creative professionals need to handle today’s workflow challenges. Key benefits include:
• New comment sorting and filtering features offer more ease and flexibility for effortless communication of information.
Improved color-coded tasks with batch management features streamline workflows and keep creative teams on track.
Refined project management accelerates collaboration and allows anyone to see who has viewed a file, as well as send reminders to view content.
• Free Kollaborate Plugin Pack enhances productivity and saves time uploading timelines from Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac directly to the cloud.
• Free Kollaborate Folder Watcher app offers a more efficient way to manage uploads by setting up watch folders that automatically upload content to the cloud.

Additional enhancements include new server-side encoding options, improved file approval/rejection, favorite tagging, QuickLook-style previews and drag and drop organization.

For a video overview of the new features in Kollaborate click here.

“We have been using Kollaborate since its early release on projects ranging from high end corporate films to VFX for commercials and TV dramas and have seen the feature set grow into a mature collaboration tool,” says Simon Blackledge, Head of Post Production, Space Digital Ltd. “Using Kollaborate with high profile clients is extremely easy to use and has sped up our review and approvals and feedback immensely. The team at Digital Rebellion are continuously adding great new features and the turn around on requests has been outstanding.”

App Integration:
The Kollaborate subscription model gives users seamless integration and free cloud access to Digital Rebellion desktop and mobile apps including:

CinePlay for Mac, an increasingly popular alternative to QuickTime Player that offers professional features such as timecode support, markers, safe area overlays and trimming (also available for iOS).

Post Haste, a free project management tool for photographers, video professionals, audio professionals, graphic designers, web designers and others for keeping projects and assets organized.

•  Cut Notes, an iPad note-taking app that reduces the amount of time users need to look down to write notes during a screening. Creatives can sync timecode from a variety of apps including FCP, Premiere, Avid and Pro Tools, and efficiently export notes back to the timeline again as markers.

In addition to cloud services, Digital Rebellion has long established itself as a creator of invaluable post production tools including:

Pro Maintenance Tools, a powerful tool suite for editors to repair corrupt video clips, troubleshoot problems and keep editing systems running smoothly overall.

Pro Media Tools, a useful suite of tools designed for efficient media management that can conform movies to different frame rates without re-rendering in QT Edit, as well as run QC tests on movies with Video Check.

Pricing/Subscription Info:
Kollaborate pricing and subscription information is available at

About Digital Rebellion:
Digital Rebellion, established in 2007, is a Los Angeles-based developer of workflow efficiency tools. The company simplifies the file sharing and team management process delivering powerful video-based software solutions that are used by creative professionals around the world in film, broadcast, media, corporations and government agencies to meet everyday production challenges. Industry-trusted solutions include Kollaborate, Pro Maintenance Tools, Pro Media Tools, Post Haste, CinePlay and Cut Notes. Digital Rebellion products are available through the company’s website and reseller channel.  For more information about Digital Rebellion solutions and services and product tutorials visit

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