Dimetis brings service orchestration into the spotlight

Dimetis, IP pioneer and provider of software solutions that manage contribution and distribution for customers worldwide, will be showcasing its portfolio of service orchestration solutions at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas at Booth SU11321. This will include the flagship BOSS Broadcast products, most notably BOSS LINK Manager™, BOSS BROADCAST Manager™, and BOSS FILE TRANSFER Manager™, that complement the company’s cloud offering — BOSS Cloud™.

Designed to simplify network management by quickly creating and managing services, the BOSS suite streamlines complex workflows in today’s dynamic marketplace — from cloud solutions and software-defined networks, to content creation and beyond.

“The BOSS platform operates across playout, contribution and production and essentially allows customers to incorporate any kind of virtualization into their operations. As it is completely hardware and software agnostic, the BOSS platform ensures customers have a higher level of interoperability and can source best-of-breed hardware for their workflows,” says Shahin Arefzadeh, Dimetis COO.

BOSS LINK Manager™ is best used in contribution networks to establish data channels in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications, while BOSS BROADCAST Manager™ simplifies and automates configuration and monitoring of equipment and services in playout facilities. BOSS FILE TRANSFER Manager™ improves the transfer speed and reliability of large files over wide area networks.

The demonstrations on the Dimetis booth will also highlight the cost savings inherent in the BOSS platform.

“Typically a traditional workflow is time and money intensive. Incorporating BOSS product changes that by saving more than 5,000 man hours a year and bringing the cost down to under $50,000 a year. Ultimately the BOSS platform is a business enabler, allowing broadcasters to get the return on investment they want and future-proof their operations.”

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