Directing Duo Call Me Al Finds Home at Rakish

Filmmaking team’s creative vision has encompassed campaigns for Google, McDonald’s, Deloitte, and FCB Chicago

In the realm of filmmaking, there are partnerships that transcend the ordinary, forging paths of innovation and creativity. Such is the case with the electrifying duo known as Call Me Al, who now find themselves adding their vibrant energy to the esteemed roster at Rakish.

Rakish Director Duo Call Me Al, Alisa Allapach & Phillip Montgomery

Call Me Al, comprised of Alisa Allapach and Phillip Montgomery, draws inspiration from the daring spirit of Al Allapach, Alisa’s immigrant father, infusing their collaborative efforts with a unique blend of passion and panache. 

With a combined directing portfolio featuring award-winning work for premiere brand leaders, including Google, Uber, Jack Daniels, IBM, and more, Call Me Al continues to pursue creative evolution and captivate audiences worldwide. Their unique blend of spirited energy and visual storytelling injects the Rakish roster with a welcome lightness and buoyancy.

“Rakish is like a homecoming,” shares Phillip Montgomery, Co-Director of Call Me Al. “I had the pleasure of working with Preston years ago and knew what he was building with the other incredible directors would be something special. So, when we had the opportunity to join Rakish as Call Me Al, it was a no-brainer.”

“Rakish is the best of both worlds: a boutique operation that gives tons of love to its directors, agencies, and clients, while doing top-shelf, prestigious work. It’s an honor to be part of the family,” adds Alisa Allapach, Co-Director of Call Me Al.

“When Call Me Al decided to join Rakish it was like I was suddenly allowed to exhale a deep breath after holding it in for five years,” adds Preston Garrett, Rakish managing director. “We are friends, first and foremost. Having the opportunity to work with your near-and-dears in such a competitive industry is literally the dream. The stars aligned in a blessed way. So much of it has to do with the unique vision Phillip and Alisa share and the work that’s resulted from their creative chemistry.”

Recently of note, Call Me Al collaborated with McDonald’s and international hip-hop sensation Young Miko for their anime-inspired WcDonald’s series and vibrant pop-up stores. They also directed a compelling campaign for Deloitte, highlighting their partnerships with prestigious organizations including the LA 2028 Olympics, USGA, and WNBA. They have additionally produced a series of engaging films for COX Business in collaboration with FCB Chicago. 

Currently, Call Me Al’s heartfelt campaign for the Stop AAPI Hate organization is making waves across digital platforms. The campaign marks a poignant tribute to May’s AAPI Heritage Month, igniting a multimedia movement that unites the community under themes of resilience, celebration, solidarity, and resistance. Featuring an array of diverse stories showcased on a dedicated microsite, the initiative beckons nationwide engagement across multiple mediums. Notable voices driving the campaign’s narrative include David Rasavong, Sunayana Dulama, Bùi Như Mai, and the esteemed choreographer Tiana Liufau, recognized for her contributions to Disney’s “Moana.”

Rakish & Call Me Al’s Stop AAPI Hate Campaign

Call Me Al is carving out its place in the industry with projects that have caught the audience’s eye and sparked intrigue, tapping into the zeitgeist of contemporary creativity. From gritty commercials to uplifting community initiatives, the duo thrives via their versatility.

“There’s a future I see with Call Me Al that excites me very much,” concludes Garrett. “It’s underpinned by an evolution of what it looks and feels like to be irreverent in advertising. Their sensibility embraces the notion that irreverence can still go down smoothly and with joy.”

Rounding out their partnership with US-based Rakish, Call Me Al’s global presence is further solidified through representation by Pull The Trigger for the Ireland/UK market and by GoEast Films for the Eastern Europe and Asian territories, thus rounding out their expansive reach across diverse cultural landscapes.


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