Disaster Recovery and Back-up Plans for your Station

Can you afford to be off the air even for a moment? I am sure you already have thought about backup plans, but if you haven’t, you will definitely want to consider it.

At the most simple level, you can install a protection switch and you can monitor your transmission output. If for some reason it goes away or if there is a problem, it can switch to a trouble slide.

The next step up from that would be to use a protection switch on a redundant path, maybe from a server. If you have a redundant path, a protection switch can monitor both signals and, if there is a problem, it will switch to your redundant signal.

On a more global level, you might want to think about having disaster recovery in another city. If there is a national disaster in your town, a hurricane or an earthquake or something that forces you to go off of the air, this would allow you to transmit from another city and to remain on the air until you are able to get your facility back up and running.

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