@Disney Gives YouTube Megastar His Own Network


He is YouTube’s biggest star with over 40 million subscribers and now he is going to run his own network courtesy of Disney. He is 26 year old Felix Kjellberg and the Sweden born star goes by the YouTube moniker of PewDiePie. His video offerings, basically, are little more than him playing video games with a running verbal commentary throughout the video. Many don’t seem to know what all the fuss is about and yet he is so far out of the mainstream that his audience is simply devoted.

Young Kjellberg has since created his own network called RevelMode through which he will continue to produce original shows and content which will be backed by Maker Studios. MakerStudios is the gigantic YouTube network which is, also, owned by Disney.


The eight talented creators he has joining him all have a combined following over 100 million people around the world. Kjellberg is the first YouTube star that has received his own individual network and, with regard to content, Kjellberg commented that they would create, “one-off videos to original series’ to gamey games to animatoons as well as music, charity drives, clothes and more. Really anything that’s awesome in the eyes of the fans.”

The other eight YouTube stars all run in a complimentary mode to Kjellberg and mostly focus on pop culture and gaming. The first content that RevelMode is looking to create will be an animated series. Kjellberg had contemplated leaving Maker back in 2014 to start his own network but, since then, everything seems to have fallen in place for both him and Maker.

Executive Vice President, and director of Maker Studios, Courtney Holt, said of the situation that, “We are thrilled to be doubling down with Felix. He is an amazing talent, a great partner and the pulse of millennial pop culture. We firmly believe in his vision for Revelmode. We can’t wait to see the possibilities ahead.”

Maker looks for RevelMode to focus on game development, commercial and merchandise development and opportunities as well as on raising finds or certain charities. All of the network’s stars will be focused on fundraising for such causes as Save The Children.

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