DoCaption’s New OP-47 and SMPTE 2031 Subtitle Monitoring Unit Reduces Installation and Operational Costs

VALENCE, FRANCE — Aug. 31, 2016 — DoCaption today launched a new member of its stand-alone subtitle- and closed-caption-monitoring product line that helps reduce installation and operational costs in production and broadcast environments. Designed to work in accordance with OP-47 and SMPTE 2031, the new MU-T4731 automatically detects, decodes, and displays subtitling/captioning data from 3G/HD-SDI video signals. The unit outputs an HDMI signal in native format with subtitles overlaid on the video, allowing monitoring on any HDMI-capable video monitor or multiviewer. An audio output, available through a stereo line or HDMI, also allows for confidence consistency-checking between audio and subtitles, when required.

The MU-T4731’s small size allows easy installation in any work environment. A simple desktop-PC remote application completes the setup process in a few mouse clicks. Setup can also be automated through a console-type interface.

“We are proud to add the MU-T4731 to our subtitling and closed-captioning decoders and monitors series,” said Renaud Desportes, head of sales at DoCaption. “The MU-T4731 fills a gap in professional subtitle confidence monitoring and provides a solution that dramatically reduces installation and operational costs, in addition to greatly simplifying usage.”

The MU-T4731 supports WST (World System Teletext, ETSI EN300706) encoded subtitle streams transported either in OP-47 (SMPTE RDD-08) or SMPTE 2031 (ETSI EN301775) VANC packets in the ancillary data space of the 3G/HD video signal.

The decoder/overlay engine supports WST Presentation Level 1.5 features, allowing users to access and display the extended character set as well as characters with diacritical marks, providing support for extended regional options sets as required in many European countries.

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