dock10 to host more Channel 4 entertainment pilots

Channel 4 is set to return to dock10 later this year to pilot a number of entertainment shows.

The broadcaster has booked studio space again at dock10 this autumn following an innovative run-through programme last year, which Channel 4 head of entertainment, Phil Harris, introduced to develop ideas in an affordable and sustainable way from a range of independent production companies from around the country.

As part of the initiative, the broadcaster tested seven primetime quiz ideas in a short window at dock10 last year with two ideas being commissioned for full series.

One of them, Quizness, fronted by comedian Tom Allen and produced by CPL Productions, was also recently filmed at dock10.

Following the success of the debut piloting scheme, the broadcaster is funding another series of run-throughs at dock10, focused on panel shows.

The non-TX testers are designed to be slicker than an office run-through but cheaper and simpler to make than a traditional full pilot.

Andy Waters, head of studios at dock10, says: “As part of our commitment to the future of the industry, we’re always happy to help broadcasters and production companies get pilots and sizzle tapes made. We love to support up and coming talent and new programme ideas.”

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