Domestic Box Office Poised To Set New Record


A huge surge of movie going during the current holiday season is projected to put the 2016 domestic box office receipts into the rarefied air of a new Hollywood record. The numbers recently in from ComScore reveal that the domestic box office is expected to, perhaps, exceed $11.3 billion breaking the previous record of $11.1 billion which was set just last year. It is only the second time, according to ComScore, that the domestic box office has gone by the $11 billion plateau.

Much of the record setting pace is due to an explosive year by Disney led by Rogue One which is on pace to exceed well over $300 domestically over the next week or two. Successful sequels also seemed to lead the way as sequels to Finding Nemo, Captain America and, of course, Star Wars, have powered revenues to be up 2% over last year. ComScore, and many others, believe that the record will be surpassed as many Americans are taking the week after Christmas off from work.

Analysts note that there were far fewer “blockbusters” than last year and much of last year’s record setting pace was set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens which did nearly $1 billion in domestic box office all by itself. Below are the top grossing domestic films, so far, for 2016.

All figures are in the millions of dollars:

1 – Finding Dory / $486.2

2 – Captain America: Civil War / $408.0

3 – The Secret Life of Pets / $368.3

4 – The Jungle Book / $364.0

5 – Deadpool / $363.0

6 – Zootopia / $341.2

7 – Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice / $330.3

8 – Suicide Squad / $325.1

9 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story / $318.0

10 – Doctor Strange / $228.5

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