Domo Broadcast SOLO7 Nano HD transmitter flying high for IBC

Stand 1.F41, IBC Amsterdam: Domo Broadcast has announced the use of its SOLO7 Nano HD transmitter by The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment’s Parachute display team – “The Tigers” – for live and streaming coverage of their aerial displays at the recent Bournemouth Air Festival.

The lightweight transmitter was coupled with a Micro HD SDI Camera designed by Videosys, who also purpose-built a special, non-intrusive leg bracket to be affixed to individual parachutists. The camera and transmission package was the smallest and most lightweight ever used to achieve similar coverage.

Videosys had been approached by its partner, Fonix, the LED screen and AV supplier for the Bournemouth Air Festival, to devise a way to cover the display team’s jump skills live for the enjoyment of those observing on the ground as well as online.

Videosys’s Alistair Horne said, “We had worked with Fonix for the air festival and many other projects before, but this was the first time we had deployed our Micro HD SDI Camera and Domo’s SOLO7 Nano HD transmitter in this type of application. The beauty of the live video transmission package is that it delivers full HD 1080i with a one-watt transmitter that together only weigh an unnoticeable few grams.”

“After the first series of jumps, we moved the micro camera to parachutists’ helmets for subsequent jumps to obtain yet another point of view. The footage was spectacular and greatly added to the enjoyment of the Tiger’s performance.”

Domo’s SOLO7 Nano HD transmitter has proven to be extremely popular for its ability to deliver highly creative production values from perspectives that would have previously been thought difficult or impossible due to weight or range restrictions, neither of which apply to the SOLO7.

Domo Broadcast Sales Director JP Delport said, “This is yet another example of how a creative approach to coverage of, in this case, precision skydiving, which has obviously been achieved by other means for many years, can be vastly improved upon, which in turn opens significant new doors for creative and reliable options for an almost unlimited array of applications, particularly ever-popular sports and events.”

Domo Broadcast will feature a range of new products at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam from on Stand 1.F41, including major developments that will introduce exciting new broadcast production options.


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