StudioXperience Broadcasts Live from NAB Using DPA Microphones

StudioXperience_Michael Kornet-NewTek_NAB 2015
Michael Kornet, EVP of Business Development for NewTek being interviewed at StudioXperience

DPA Microphones is pleased to announce that its d:fine™ Directional Headset Microphones are being used by Waskul TV for the 2015 NAB Show StudioXperience Broadcast Studio interviews taking place throughout the show at Booth SU621. Chosen for their small-scale size and pristine sound, the d:fines have already been utilized by executives from some of the industry’s top brands, such as Hewlett Packard, Intel and Canon, among others.

Waskul TV is fast becoming one of the key broadcast networks for the technology industry and its StudioXperience is providing audiences with access to the latest technologies through both its Technology Showcase and live Broadcast Studio. Hosted by technology expert Steve Waskul, CEO of Waskul Entertainment, viewers watch live in the Broadcast Studio and online as Mr. Waskul is joined on stage by an amazing lineup of guests. With its growing audience and increasing presence at the top technology conventions, Waskul and his team knew that they needed a high-quality headset microphone that would provide the audio benefits and visual effects they desired.

StudioXperience Host Steve Waskul, CEO of Waskul Entertainment
StudioXperience Host Steve Waskul, CEO of Waskul Entertainment

“We go to a lot of the major technology shows, where we produce long-format (20 mins) interviews with thought leaders and luminaries – from visual effects and computer technology pioneers, to people who just do amazingly creative things,” explains Waskul. “These are people to whom you typically don’t have access, so we want our live broadcasts and recordings to be amazing. Everything we’re doing is state-of-the-art, and we need to be sure to present that in the best way possible. We’ve had great success accomplishing this with DPA Microphones.”

Having previously used a competitor headset microphone for the Waskul TV interviews, the company recently made the switch to DPA in anticipation of the NAB Show. “Our original headsets didn’t look great on camera, so the initial factor that drew us to the DPAs was the appearance,” continues Waskul. “We also wanted something that’s going to sound great but will also stay in place and is easy to use — quickly, because we have minimal time to prep our interviewees. The DPA headsets are the perfect solution.”

Purchased on recommendation from Waskul TV audio crew members, the directional quality of the DPA d:fines that the company is using are ideal for noisy environments like a tradeshow floor. “Our team has used DPA mics at other venues and events, and they believe in the technology and like DPA better than anything else on the market,” says Waskul. “They like their natural sound as well as the physical qualities – quick and simple application, no movement once on the speakers – and the overall aesthetic look of the mics.”

A platform for people who are interested in seeing how to produce modern shows successfully through the use of the latest technologies, Waskul TV and StudioXperience is a leader in the technology arena, reaching audiences in 145 countries. Anyone interested in seeing the DPA d:fine Headset mics in action or in taking in the sights and sounds of the 2015 NAB Show is invited to visit from now until the close of show.

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