DPA’s New Website Makes Easy Work of Finding The Right Microphone


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More information, more functionality and much easier search facilities are the key features of DPA Microphones’ new website, which went live today at

The company’s entire range of high quality professional condenser microphones is represented on the site, with each one carefully described and annotated with full product specifications so that microphone users can find out everything they need to know about a particular model.

To make it easier for users to identify the right microphone for their needs, DPA has also introduced a highly sophisticated Mic Finder search facility. This divides the entire DPA catalogue into three easy categories – type, series and application. So, if you want a handheld microphone for broadcast applications or a bodyworn microphone for theatre use, just click on the relevant boxes and the search engine will quickly deliver a list of every suitable microphone in DPA’s range.

“Mic Finder is a fantastic tool because it takes all the guess work out of finding the right microphone,” says DPA’s VP of Marketing Anne Berggrein. “Even if you are completely new to the world of microphones and don’t really know what you are looking for, our Mic Finder will point you in the right direction by identifying products that are perfectly suited to your needs.”

DPA’s new website doesn’t just cover standard products. It also highlights capsule and pre-amp customisation options and gives a full breakdown of all DPA accessories, including clips, cables and goosenecks. This additional functionality allows end users to identify the microphone they want, customise it to precisely fit their application and choose any accessories they would like with it. Then, using DPA’s new international Store Locator, their wish list can be sent straight to the nearest dealer who will contact each customer to offer further advice before fulfilling the order.

“The whole premise behind our new website is to make it easier for customers to find the right DPA product for their needs,” Anne Berggrein adds. “However, we also take our role as educators very seriously, too. We have incredibly knowledgeable people on our team and we want to share their expertise with the wider world. We’ve also incorporated useful video content and we will be regularly updating this to ensure that it stays constructive and relevant.”

DPA’s new website also includes all the latest news from the company, links to useful articles and reviews and information about forthcoming events.

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At DPA Microphones we’re passionate about acoustic truth. That’s why every DPA microphone combines ingenious audio engineering with brilliant design and is crafted with more than 200 hands-on procedures at our own facilities in Denmark: to get as close as humanly possible to honest sound.
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