DTC Broadcast confirms major sale of AEON wireless camera systems to NEP AUSTRALIA

In association with its in-country partner, AV Group, DTC Broadcast today announced the sale of four AEON 4K wireless camera systems that includes IP enabled camera control and RF over fibre solutions, to NEP Australia.

NEP Australia is exploring moving into 4K and HDR content provision in due course for the Asia Pacific region it services, but until now the volume of raw data transmission required for 4K/UHD production has made wireless cameras impractical. However, NEP Australia cameras equipped with AEON-TX will be future-proofed and able to transmit 4K UHD and HDR video formats if they wish by taking advantage of the extremely efficient encoding technology built into the AEON-TX.

NEP Australia Director of Technology, Marc Segar, said, “We chose the AEON-TX because of its flexibility to provide high quality HD, HDR, and 4K video transmission using HEVC encoding for improved link efficiency.

“That, coupled with DTC’s renowned PRORXD receiver and outstanding local support from AV Group, convinced us that that AEON-TX was the correct choice.”

DTC Vice President, Broadcast Sales, JP Delport said, “We are delighted that NEP has chosen DTC as their wireless camera system supplier. We are positive that NEP Australia’s implementation will enhance enjoyment and offer new creative options for all of the many commercial and subscription TV networks and leading independent production companies NEP Australia works with in the region.”

AEON-TX includes fully integrated return channels for bi-directional IP connectivity and low-bandwidth telemetry, plus a scalable return channel for talk-back, camera control, and return video. The transmitter also includes industry standard DVB-T modulation for compatibility with existing systems and DTC’s proprietary UMVL and dual pedestal modulation for enhanced high frequency/high speed performance.

For those attending, DTC Broadcast is featuring the AEON-TX transmitter at NAB Show 2018 on Booth C6043 from April 9-12. For more information, visit

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