DTV Innovations Enables Coast-to-Coast Transmission of STLTP Over Both RIST and SRT

DTV Innovations today announced that a major owned-and-operated TV stations network is using the company’s OX-1 solution to transmit STLTP over RIST from New Jersey to California. For almost one year, OX-1 has been used to transmit ATSC 3.0 STLTP that originates in New Jersey, sending it through the internet to California where the TV network’s apps engineers and developers are located. OX-1 is used to convert the standard ATSC 3.0 STLTP into STLTP over RIST and then convert it back to STLTP over multicast at the receiving side. This use case demonstrates OX-1’s readiness for secure and reliable 24/7 IP streaming, not only for standard ATSC 1.0 but also for ATSC 3.0 streams, offering users the flexibility to transfer over RIST or SRT at their choosing and all within one system.
“DTV Innovations is one of the first companies to support ATSC 3.0 STLTP transmission over both RIST and SRT,” said Benny Handjojo, chief executive officer at DTV Innovations. “By providing the unique ability to transfer over both protocols, customers can decide the best solution for their transmission need. Our solution allows users to encrypt packets and convert from IP multicast to unicast. User can even transmit both ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 simultaneously to multiple destinations all in one device. Combined with an integrated monitoring solution, these features allow users to significantly reduce errors, increase transmission reliability, centralized network monitoring, and reduce overhead costs.”
DTV Innovations’ OX-1 is a compact, secure, and reliable IP streaming appliance supporting any combination of SRT, RIST, ZIXI, and SMPTE 2022 TSoIP streaming formats. It also supports the legacy ASI interface. OX-R is 1RU dual redundant power supply solution for added capability and reliability. Both solutions are ideal for streaming media over busy LANs, the unpredictable public internet, fiber, and microwave links. Multiple OX-1s and OX-Rs can be monitored using a centralized monitoring solution, making them far easier to maintain. Overall, the OX-1 ensures convenience, reliability, and peace of mind for users while allowing for versatile and flexible streaming options.
More information about DTV Innovations’ solutions for ATSC 3.0 is available on the company website at
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