Dynamic Drive Pool/Ardis Technologies’ New HyperDDP12D


The content a broadcast professional creates matters, and what also factors into what will surely be a great presentation is the hardware any production a broadcaster’s craft lies not on just the genius of the creative. But what also has to be factored in, is the hardware supporting the delivery of the presentation. Dynamic Drive Pool/Ardis Technologies specializes in that field, and with their new HyperDDP12D, professionals within the broadcast industry are sure to get more than what they bargained for when shopping for the kind of high-quality products that’ll make any presentation they create a massive audience builder.


About Dynamic Drive Pool And Ardis Technologies



The story of Dynamic Drive Pool/Ardis Technologies traces all the way back to The Netherlands. Based in Arnhem, this Dutch company started as a technical ICT company with a team of consultants, software design & coding engineers, specialists in electronics, design, and product & information management. This team of experts focused on developing one-stop-shop solutions for products or projects that involved electronic and/or hardware design and software. At the present moment, Dynamic Drive Pool/Ardis Technologies is directing its focus on the manufacturing and development of its Dynamic Drive Pool series.

Dynamic Drive Pool/Ardis Technologies manufactures the Dynamic Drive Pool (DDP) series of Ethernet based SAN systems with a built-in metadata controller, the Ardis Virtual File System AVFS.

The DDP provides full project and file level based sharing for applications like Avid, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, EVS, Adobe, Grass Valley, Telestream, Blackmagic design, DVS, Digital Vision, Autodesk and all other applications with any video, audio and film format from DV to 8K/DPX. The DDP can also be integrated with MAM and Backup systems, and it is reliable, scalable, and easy to use. Ardis’ DDP product lines cover the needs of small businesses, mobile production facilities, universities, and educational institutions up to large postproduction and broadcast companies. Because Ardis Technologies is a software technology-driven company, the DDP’s functions are developed in-house. All software involved in the DDP Series is the sole property of Ardis Technologies, and the DDP is the easiest SAN around.



Ardis Technologies’ HyperDDP12D



Ardis Technologies’ new HyperDDP12D is really something for broadcast professionals to marvel at. This device is part of the modular standalone series of DDP solutions. It has 1GByte/s bandwidth, and it is used for post Production, broadcast, and other Media & Entertainment companies. It comes with dual 10GbE/RJ45 ports and 2 extra PCIe slots for cards shared Storage. It has ultra-fast SSD performance with an HD capacity for audio (6000 tracks), video (35x DNxHD220 streams), and film (4K, DPX), 2U, 4TB SSD cache, 36 TB capacity, dual 10GbE / RJ45 ports, Ethernet SAN.

Additional features of the HyperDDP12D include:

  • V5 scale-out DDP Ethernet SAN software
  • Modular and capacity and bandwidth expandable within one file system
  • SSD and HD packs are raid protected
  •  4 spare slots for additional SSD and HD packs
  • Comes with 1-year warranty,
  • Purchasable Support up to 1200 Euro per year
  • Free available desktop drivers are always free. DDP updates are part of a support contract
  • DDP components are of the shelf, and replacements can be purchased locally
  • Archiware P5 is installed
  • Can be delivered with Kyno MAM licenses
  • Sliding arms can be supplied for 165,- Euro
  • Functions with all applications and MAM systems

For more information about the HyperDDP12D, visit


Why Working With Ardis Can Help Broadcasters Deliver Better Work



In every presentation a broadcast professional delivers, there’s a level of ingenuity that goes into not just the content behind the work when that has to be the start of it all. But also the overall technology behind the production has to be of the highest quality if they are to make a significant impact in not only building a brand, but also building the kind of audience that’ll keep coming back for more. Ardis has taken the responsibility to represent their manufacturers in the best possible way, and not just with the HyperDDP12D, but with the entire Dynamic Drive Pool series.

Several of the manufacturers that Ardis Technologies works with include

These and many more represent  Ardis Technologies’ partners. Learn more about the company by visiting

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