EchoStar Satellite Services Will Showcase Satellite Fleet at 2020 NAB Show


Communication is essential for any form of progression. In the broadcast/entertainment industry, this need is even more essential given how far it has taken so many broadcast professionals in expanding the many opportunities such an industry presents for their creative voice and the brand it supports. There can be no arguing that entertainment is an industry that largely plays on the standard idea of who knows who. That isn’t to say that hard work and determination don’t play vital roles, which they do. However, when looking at a global media event such as the 2020 NAB Show, which will be broadcasted live, it extends the vast spectrum of communication to exponential levels that make a company like EchoStar Satellite Services more effective when it comes to the satellite communication services they provide.


About EchoStar Satellite Services



EchoStar Satellite Services L.L.C. is a subsidiary of EchoStar Corp., which is a world-class satellite operator of satellites. Since 1980, EchoStar Satellite Services has delivered reliable and innovative solutions to the satellite industry, providing satellite communications infrastructure and services to media and broadcast organizations, enterprise customers and U.S. Government and military service providers.


EchoStar Satellite Services Fleet



EchoStar Satellite Services L.L.C. has a fleet of over nine satellites. The company provides Ku-band transponder capacity, with comprehensive coverage of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico, on their satellites located at 121° and 105°. The company’s 24×7 satellite access centers (SAC) are managed by experienced professionals committed to providing their customers with an unparalleled level of service, which can be seen in the technical capabilities of their satellites.


EchoStar Satellite Services Sattelite Models

EchoStar Satellite Services models are separated into categories that range from:

  • Ku-band Satellites
  • Ka-band Satellites
  • S-band Satellites

EchoStar Ku-band Satellites


EchoStar 105, located at the 105° West orbital location


EchoStar Satellite Services’ Ku-band Satellites include the EchoStar 105 and the EchoStar 9. The EchoStar 105 is a high-powered communications satellite with 24×36 MHz Ku-band transponders. It is located at the 105° West orbital location. This satellite provides Ku-band transponder capacity, with coverage of the 50 U.S. states and an expanded reach to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean for satellite communications services for EchoStar’s enterprise, media, broadcast, and U.S. government service provider customers.

The EchoStar 9 model is located at the 121° West orbital location. This satellite‘s Ku-band payload of 32×26 MHz transponders and a small Ka-band payload consists of 4 spot beams at 200 MHz.


EchoStar 9, located at the 121° West orbital location


EchoStar Ka-band Satellites

EchoStar Satellite Services’ Ka-band satellites such as:

  • The Telestar 19 VANTAGE (63° W)
  • The EUTELSAT 65 West A (65° W)
  • The SPACEWAY 3 (95° W)
  • The EchoStar 17 (107.1° W)
  • The EchoStar 19 (97.1° W)

EchoStar S-band Satellites

EchoStar Satellite Services’  S-band satellites include:

  • EchoStar XXI (10.25° E)
  • EUTELSAT 10A (10.25° E)

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Services Provided by EchoStar

EchoStar’s services range in categories that span from:

  • Enterprise Services (Offers data and video transport solutions for disaster recovery, offshore applications, film distribution, and rural broadband applications. Additional services included: Shared/dedicated bandwidth and On-demand voice, video, and data)
  • Government Services (Provides a full range of advanced communication services for U.S. Government service providers and military applications)
  • Media & Broadcast Services (Provides satellite services for video transport and digital cinema distribution on their Ku-band satellites. Additional services included: Satellite bandwith, event coordination, and monitoring.
  • Mobility Services (Aeronautical, focuses on comprehensive coverage of the United States, helping service providers deliver in-flight connectivity experiences that today’s passengers expect. Maritime: Satellite services cover U.S. and international waters off the U.S. coast, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean to a wide range of maritime users. This includes commercial and private ships and offshore oil and gas operations)


About 2020 NAB Show And EchoStar Satellite Services



EchoStar Satellite Services have proven nothing short of being both reliable and innovative in its ability to provide an efficient satellite communications infrastructure with solutions that meet the evolving communication needs of media and broadcast organizations. This will no doubt be the focal point of the company’s exhibit at the 2020 NAB show this April. There are many forms and approaches to communication, and having satellite services that can better expand on that concept show that attending the 2020 NAB show is a great opportunity for the many broadcast/media professionals looking to market their brands, as well as further expand on how they can further communicate them at an event where communication itself is not only a topic of discussion. It is also the very fuel behind such a large gathering of individuals that support and expand the diversity that the broadcast industry thrives and continues to evolve on.

Visit the EchoStar Satellite Services exhibit during the 2020 NAB show at booth # SU8121.

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