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Editor / Assistant Editor

City, State
Santa Monica, CA
Duration / Dates
Freelance (two to three months)
Salary / Rate
$30 hour with bonus upon sale of film
Job posted on
not provided

About the Job

Most important part is location of editor. Santa Monica, Venice, West L.A., etc. Please don’t reply If outside of that area:)

I need somebody who has their own editing setup where the director can sit and collaborate with the editor on a day to day basis.

And this is for an editor but I think an assistant can have the skills needed so if You know any who may be interested in being a full editor on this film.

The project is a feature length environmental documentary about an electric vehicle activist.

The project is 90% done but current editor developed back issues and couldn’t continue at the keyboard.

This person will really be acting as a co-editor with the Director. If you have ideas, great. If not, that’s OK too.
One issue is that the project is in a Final Cut 7 timeline converted from an Adobe Premier timeline and we need to get back to an Adobe timeline or Final Cut 10 or whatever will be the best deliverable.

There is an hourly pay which is not going to make you rich but will pay the rent and there will be a bonus after sale.
Yea, I know, everybody says that. I myself have been given promises like that to get me to work for free but this is an exciting fun project and besides the hourly, you’ll get something of a decent bonus.

Again, location is VERY important and having a set up where the Director can come and sit with you is essential.
And lastly, editor needs to have at least one vaccination and proof.

Director is fully vaccinated with two Moderna shots and very cautious when out and about.

If you are interested and meet the three qualifications:
1. Located near Santa Monica (like within 15 minutes on surface streets).
2. Editing setup where Director can be comfortable and work with editor on a daily basis.
3. Be Vaccinated.

This is not a qualifier but the person should know that the subject is about a person who is an environmental activist who has very strong Left Wing, Progressive views and the film does take on Fox news and the former president in a small way.

Global Warming and the destruction of the planet from fossil fuels is also a subject so the editor needs to be able to be comfortable being exposed to this point of view on a daily basis.

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