EditShare implements cloud remote working for AMP Creative


EditShare®, the technology leader that enables storytellers to create and manage collaborative media workflows, has provided the migration path to the cloud for AMP Creative. With offices in Dallas and Seattle, AMP Creative brings a fresh approach to corporate learning, using video to create tailored programs that are immersive and compelling.

As a successful business, AMP Creative has a growing archive of content and elements which can be re-used in new projects. At the same time, it has to provide support for designers working today, allowing them to manage work in progress and create deliverables, as well as providing secure archiving.

For some years AMP Creative has used EditShare storage solutions to manage its media. More recently, business transformational programs, driven by the COVID-induced need to implement remote working, have led the company towards the cloud for much of its IT. It turned to EditShare to provide the same transparent transition for media workflows.

FLEX is the EditShare workflow and asset management platform for the cloud. It mirrors precisely the functionality of FLOW which AMP Creative already used to manage content and projects, with the same comfortable and familiar user interfaces.

The challenge was to implement a practical, affordable infrastructure to meet AMP Creative’s needs. The solution was to use EditShare FLEX to manage all content storage within AMP Creative’s existing AWS account, moving material between EBS and S3 storage tiers as required, and accelerating file transfers using CloudDat from EditShare partners Data Expedition.

Editors work at remote locations, using Adobe® Premiere® Pro. Projects and bins are created centrally in EditShare FLEX, and high quality proxies are transferred to the edit workstations. Once packages are completed they are rendered against the original media in the cloud. The result is that all creative staff are happy and AMP Creative was able to shut down its traditional server room, a significant saving for the business.

“The pandemic, and the changes in business requirements it created, were transformational for many businesses,” said Ofelia Yánez, President at AMP Creative. “Working with EditShare we were able to come up with a fresh way of working which kept our teams doing what they do best – creating stunning, innovative, engaging content – while allowing us to transform our business, reducing our footprint in real estate and carbon emissions.”

Stephen Tallamy, CTO at EditShare added “It’s clear that we are moving on from the first phase of seeing the cloud as some sort of magic bullet. Now we are creating tailored solutions that use the best of technologies wherever they are housed, to create workflows and environments that really meet the needs of our users. At EditShare we continue to develop the tools and functionality that allow us to get the best out of remote and hybrid working, and the implementation for AMP Creative is a great example of the power we can bring.”

The project was completed in association with US channel partner, TM Television.

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