Egripment Presents Latest Software for Remote Heads and VR/AR Systems at NAB 2015

LAS VEGAS – Egripment Support Systems, manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries, is looking to the 2015 NAB Show (Booth C8612) as an opportunity to discuss the latest software updates for its remote broadcast solutions with show attendees. These solutions include the established 306/D Digital and Encoded Remote Camera Heads and the newly-announced 205/D Digital Remote Head for modern, smaller cine and ENG cameras and lenses from brands such as Canon and Fujinon.

Egripment_RBS System Features2The compact 205/D and 306/D share the same exacting precision and smoothness, with their software and architecture serving as a key differentiator between Egripment and its competitors. These latest updates further distinguish the company among the industry. A prime example is the ‘Advanced Interpolated Position Mode,’ a new motion algorithm for advanced movement generation. This allows axis drives to synchronously run a planned path using a sophisticated algorithm to pass each preset on the move path with maximum smoothness. Additionally, coordinated multi-axis movements as well as any profile in a one-axis system can be carried out.

“Most algorithms just drive from preset to preset with a certain defined curve, but the movement through the whole drive path is still segmented,” explains Martin Dreesbach, Director of Operations for Egripment. “Very often, this can be seen as ‘steps’ of a movement, but with the path planner we ensure a smoother, more harmonious drive through the presets.”

This high performance mathematical analysis (based on Spline Interpolation) in the control software is coupled with the latest modern motor control technology. The new ‘Drive System’ used in both the 205/D and 306/D supports a combination of feedback and forward controls, as well as acceleration and speed control to provide ideal motion behavior and reduced risk of error.

The updated basic client/server architecture of an Egripment remote broadcast solution allows an unlimited number of control connections to the main server. This provides maximum scalability and redundancy in modern studio setups. Multiple clients and automation systems can control an entire camera system.

Egripment’s heads will now also feature direct, full serial drive connection to Canon and Fujinon lenses with Auto Vendor sensing and position encoder feedback (including 4K-PL type lenses). “With this, we ensure the maximum performance quality of the lens drive system,” continues Dreesbach. “We also eliminated the reliance of external drive units as that could result in less precision of the drive control.”

Another key differentiator of Egripment’s systems is the new sync-free operation and move generation in non-VR applications. While other products on the market always need an external studio clock (sync) at setup to be able to generate the proper movement, Egripment’s generate an internal sync when used without tracking data, reducing complexity in studio cabling and distribution.

One of the latest features common to the control systems of both heads, which is becoming more important in modern studios that often use a variety of camera types, is the ability to control an unlimited number and types of Egripment heads. In the past, each different remote head required its own control system, but this unique control protocol eliminates that challenge. It is possible to control an unlimited amount of cameras and systems via a single controller.

A final major feature of Egripment remote broadcast solutions is simple, yet critical: an enhanced and intuitive user control via a classic ‘Joystick Control Panel.’ Based on the company’s long experience in the broadcast industry, this update provides the camera operator with quick access to controls rather than having to toggle through a large menu structure.

Other features of Egripment remote broadcast solutions include:
• Proven Linux-based embedded systems
• UDP (IP)-based data connection
• SSD data storage at the remote head for an unlimited number of configurations/setups
• Easy data distribution via Ethernet specification (including W-LAN)
• Ultra-high resolution encoders in pan and tilt axis (more than four million steps per revolution)
• Bus architectures for multiple auxiliary axis control (such as Lift or Track)
• M2M Interface (UDP-based) to be connected and controlled by third party and custom applications, including automation software
• Protocol Converter for control of third party systems, such as Vinten EPI
• Unlimited presets, including all associated axes
• Recording and playback of manual joystick operation

Founded in 1976, Egripment has a long reputation of manufacturing a wide range of camera support and remote broadcast solutions, for sale or rental, to TV productions, concerts and sporting events across the globe. With a product line that includes cranes, remote heads, dollies and tracking systems for cinema, modern-size/small cameras and ENG/broadcast cameras, Egripment is the only manufacturer that can offer adequate supply and service for events requiring large quantities of special camera support equipment. More information can be found at

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