Egripment Support Systems Announces Collaborations with Vizrt and Ventuz at NAB 2015

LAS VEGAS – Egripment Support Systems (NAB Booth C8612), manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Ventuz (Booth SL9927) and Vizrt (Booth SL2417) at the 2015 NAB Show. Vizrt will use Egripment’s three meter TDT Encoded Remote Crane System to accompany HD demonstrations from the Vizrt Public Show, while Ventuz will utilize Egripment’s StarCam Studio and 306/D Digital Remote Head to accompany a live broadcast.

Egripment at Vizrt IBC BoothEgripment’s TDT System will provide tracking for each of Vizrt’s half-hour Viz Virtual Studios presentations, where the company will display its software’s advanced features. This includes realistic immersive objects, interactive content and a virtual video wall with HD video content controlled by Viz Multiplay. The virtual aspects in this show are made possible by Egripment’s accurate tracking systems on a temporary platform. To accomplish this, the company will combine Egripment’s technology with a special lens calibration for PL Lens, 4K Resolution, RED Epic Camera and Fujinon ZK 2.5×14.5 PL Vario Zoom.

“Proper virtual set production relies not only on sophisticated graphics systems, but also reliable tracking systems, lens calibration and camera mounting hardware,” says Gerhard Lang, Vizrt Chief Engineering Officer. “Egripment cranes, lens calibration and tracking systems have been proven solid in the most demanding virtual set situations, providing consistently reliable and worry-free tracking and lens data for our Viz Virtual Studio software.”

Ventuz’ data-handling and logic-authoring tools will use the information collected by Egripment, as well as associated Trackmen products, to create 3D graphics and broadcast the images into a video feed in real-time. With Egripment’s StarCam Studio and 306/D Digital Remote Heads and tracking data capabilities, Ventuz will be able to produce effective broadcasts in a completely augmented reality workflow for news, elections, sports, games shows and other media.

“Egripment camera heads and cranes, combined with Trackmen camera tracking technologies, have proven their worth from projects all around the world, as they set the quality standard for such workflows,” says David Paniego, Product Marketing Manager at Ventuz. “Ventuz, Egripment and Trackmen have acquired a long history of collaboration in Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) projects over the years. We at Ventuz are very glad to partner with industry leaders like Egripment to offer cutting-edge virtual graphics solutions for all of our customers in the broadcast and pro AV markets.”

Vizrt (Booth SL2417) and Ventuz (Booth SL9927) invite NAB attendees to visit their booths and enjoy the collaborative results of their respective companies with Egripment Support Systems products.

Founded in 1976, Egripment has a long reputation of manufacturing a wide range of camera support and remote broadcast solutions, for sale or rental, to TV productions, concerts and sporting events across the globe. With a product line that includes cranes, remote heads, dollies and tracking systems for cinema, modern-size/small cameras and ENG/broadcast cameras, Egripment is the only manufacturer that can offer adequate supply and service for events requiring large quantities of special camera support equipment. More information can be found at

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