Elecard Webinar “How to Keep your video stream error-free, and clients happy”

Elecard invites you to join the webinar “How to Keep your video stream error-free, and clients happy” on 26th of March 2024, at 2pm (UK time).

During the webinar, we will discuss stream decay, see what might cause it, and dive into how our cutting-edge live stream monitoring service, Elecard Boro, can help you detect, prevent, and save your clients from murky video streams.

We will take a look at a couple of examples from our clients, and see firsthand how a simple lost packet can lead to decline in viewers.


  • About Elecard 
  • What is Elecard Boro? 
  • Discussion of general stream error types:
    • Transport Layer Errors
    • Perception Level Errors
    • Specific OTT Errors
    • SCTE35 insertion and stream validating
  • Steps to get a 30 days free trial 
  • Q&A

Who will benefit from this webinar?

  • IPTV and OTT professionals, who want to improve their services

Register now to secure your place in the live webinar and get a chance to test Boro for free, for 30 days!


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