ELIAS Arts Rebrands as ELIAS Music

Audio agency celebrates 40 years with the launch of new website and “ELIAS Indie,” a new platform for connecting emerging artists with brands

SANTA MONICA –  Renowned music and audio agency Elias Arts is rebranding as ELIAS Music. Celebrating 40 years as a leader and innovator in music and sound for brands, the company is launching a new website and is introducing ELIAS Indie, a new platform to connect brands with emerging artists.

Founded by acclaimed composer and producer Jonathan Elias, ELIAS Music is known as the leader in sonic branding and for its ability to bring stories to life through the power of music. It has serviced the musical needs of a virtually endless list of top brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Nike, American Express, Liberty Mutual, Honda, Google, Farmers Insurance and Apple. Services range from custom scoring for advertising, audio branding and sound design, to offering an extensive catalog of premium, pre-composed tracks.

(l to r) Jonathan Elias, Vinnie LoRusso, Mitch Rabin

“Music and sound have never been more important in helping define a brand’s aesthetic,” said Jonathan Elias, Chief Creative Officer for ELIAS Music. “With decades of experience and new resources from the Universal Music family, our capabilities to exceed the needs of brands across the entire musical spectrum is what make the new ELIAS Music so exciting.”

The new ELIAS Music website, provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s services and direct access to the extensive ELIAS catalog. The site also features a downloadable Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro that can be used to access the catalog – spanning more than 10,000 tracks – without having to leave the Adobe Editing Suite.

ELIAS Indie is the company’s new platform for emerging artists whose work is available for one-stop licensing. Designed for brands seeking music, the new offering includes an incredible line-up of up-and-coming artists across a broad range of contemporary genres. To help meet specific requirements of branding, the ELIAS creative team works with experienced recording industry A&Rs to handpick artists for the platform.  A selection of music is available for streaming from the website.

“ELIAS Indie is a resource for producers and creatives looking for potential breakout artists to feature in their campaigns and other projects,” said EVP/Executive Creative Director Vinnie LoRusso. “We’re excited about these young artists and look forward to introducing them to the ad world.”

ELIAS Music’s new name, website and platform for indie artists reflect the company’s evolution into a collaborative, forward-thinking audio agency touching every aspect of music and sound.

“We are growing and diversifying to stay ahead of the industry and our clients’ expanding needs,” said Executive Vice President Mitch Rabin. “We’ve thrived for 40 years in the music business, and our best years are still to come.”

About ELIAS Music

Founded by Grammy-nominated artist, composer and producer Jonathan Elias, ELIAS Music is a full-service music and audio agency. For over 40 years, ELIAS Music has brought unmatched virtuosity, strategic thinking and award-winning style to the business of music and sound. Through groundbreaking original composition and sound design, high impact audio branding and an extensive catalog of pre-composed tracks, they consistently deliver music, sound, and strategy that defies expectations and defines tomorrow’s trends. They work in partnership with the world’s most recognizable brands, creative agencies and leading entertainment companies to harness the power of music and sound to enthrall, delight, astonish and inspire.

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