Eliminating Audio Delay and Lip Sync Problems

Eliminating Audio Delay and Lip Sync Problems

You’ve have surely seen lip sync problems on television, when what you are hearing is not in sync with the what you are seeing. This common problem in television broadcast and cable facilities happens when where there is video delay in the signal chain. Somewhere in the system there are frame synchronizers, upconverters, or other pieces of equipment that are slowing down the video, but the audio isn’t being delayed.

Ensemble Designs has audio processing modules with built-in audio delay. You can make adjustments for whatever delay is been imposed on the video stream and bring that lip sync back together so that the mouth is moving in sync with what you are hearing.

There are products that we make that also have frame synchronizers and video delay built into them. A very cool feature is that these products also will delay the audio automatically. If you want to figure out which Ensemble Designs products have audio delay built into them, there is a product finder that is built into our website. The product finder has a checkbox for “Delay”, so you can check that parameter and then you’ll see a list of all of the Ensemble Designs products that have audio delay built into them.

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