Founded in 2004, ENENSYS Technologies designs and manufactures innovative professional hardware and software solutions enabling efficient video delivery over broadcast and telecoms networks.

The Networks division of ENENSYS Networks develops equipment for digital Terrestrial TV, Targeted Content Insertion and Switches and IP Transport. Products are designed for us in the distribution network between encoding/multiplexing and transmission, facilitating signal distribution over a wide variety of networks. Focused on innovation, the company has holds 26 patents to protect its intellectual property.


ENENSYS’ AdsEdge solution, which provides targeted content insertion in DTT and cable networks – typically ads, news, weather – has been upgraded and now includes Campaign Manager. AdsEdge is a combined video server and splicer and is placed at the edge of networks (TX sites, cable POP…) to be able to provide dedicated targeted content insertion based on geographical location. Campaign Manager is a central server application that interfaces with the automation system (receiving playlists), with the content and advertising providers (ad agencies), and with AdsEgde to ensure that the right content is received correctly and is distributed to the splicer in the correct timeframe. It makes the necessary links between all the elements in the delivery chain. It also provides comprehensive reporting capabilities to clearly and precisely show what has been broadcast and when.

DTTCaster debut at Broadcast Asia

ENENSYS is also highlighting DTTCaster. This is designed to provide highly cost-effective retransmission of DTT multiplexes at regional/local transmitter sites where IP or satellite connectivity isn’t possible or is cost-prohibitive.

DTTCaster allows off-air reception of the multiplex(es) from a DTT transmitter using a simple antenna. DTTCaster then re-generates the multiplex in the correct format to feed a transmitter operating on a second frequency. The content of course remains exactly the same and DTTCaster is SFN-compliant, providing a low-cost, high-quality retransmission capability. DTTCaster modules are housed in ENENSYS’ HDc chassis with a maximum of six DTTCaster units in 1U enabling the reception of up to 24 RF signals.

  • DVB-T/T2/ISDB-T/Tb rebroadcasting for DTT retransmission sites or cable headends
  • Up to four RF signals from a single DTT antenna
  • DVB-T2 SFN rebroadcasting

OneBeam – ENENSYS’ OneBeam system provides the ability to use a standard satellite DTH network to also distribute services to DVB-T/T2 or ISDB-T transmitter sites. Before OneBeam, two separate satellite networks have been required to deliver services to DTH (DVB-S/S2) and DTT (DVB-T/T2) transmitters because of incompatible signal formats and signalling. OneBeam enables a single satellite feed to be used to deliver services to both platforms, enabling very significant OPEX savings of satellite capacity costs.

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