European RainDance Launches Freelance Sales and Marketing For Broadcast Start-Ups

21 February 2022 – RainDance Digital, a digital marketing and sales agencyDigital marketing 2021 broadcast digital marketing for technology companies, has announced the launch of StartUp Europe to provide freelance sales reps to enable companies to launch themselves in Europe.

RainDance has proven experience in helping technology companies with growth and scaleup initiatives, especially with the use of digital marketing to increase inbound sales leads and to boost online brand awareness. With a local knowledge and a wide network of the local European market, they can take the risk and big expenditure away to empower start-up companies who wish to begin an organic presence in the European market. As well as marketing skills, RainDance has freelance sales people who can work cost effectively to follow up leads and close deals as required. With a technical bias, the company can pitch and demo highly complex technological solutions especially around video, IP, storage, communications, TV production, data centers and cloud based SaaS platforms.

Mark Andrews, Managing Director at RainDance Digital explains “We have a history of launching companies in territories until they can become self-sufficient. Many start-ups’ want to test the market before fully committing to a local presence where registering a company, renting office space and the recruitment of staff, with all the legal contractual obligations, can be overwhelming both in cost and time. RainDance can help companies quickly expand with their first presence in Europe. We are ultimately all sales people and we are keen to be successful on behalf of our clients.”

RainDance, based in the heart of Europe close to Amsterdam, started life as a startup marketing agency but quickly expanded into adding sales services where companies wanted freelance sales representatives with a local person to follow up on the leads they were creating. Initially the company was born out of broadcast tech, helping manufacturing companies who supply to the broadcast, OTT, media and entertainment world, but were also asked to help companies providing sustainable data centers and other hosted services for growing cloud type offerings.

Andrews continues “Every territory has its own cultures and perspectives, so when it comes to selling and building trust, it is important that the local sales force is sympathetic to that. By offering European sales services for companies looking to go international, we can bridge that gap, but also we can do it quickly and effectively and at a price point that may surprise you. We can be extremely versatile.”

If you are contemplating taking your company international and opening an office in Europe, then talk to the people at RainDance. Their experience of helping companies scale up and grow is taken from their no nonsense approach to business to business (B2B) relationships. There are no paradigm shifts or out of the box quoted gimmickry, but a great combination of marketing creativity and well recognized sales procedures to help your brand be positively recognized and to start immediately generating business within Europe.


About RainDance Digital:-  Based in the heart of Europe and serving a global audience, RainDance Digital provide digital marketing expertise for technology, cloud services, broadcast and TV production companies wishing to scale-up their inbound sales lead generation strategy and improve brand awareness. RainDance also provide flexible sales freelance services for technology startups and companies wishing to open a European sales office without the initial legal overheads, costs and employment liabilities that such a venture would require.

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