EVS XT-VIA servers deployed by Live Park for Ekstraklasa Polish soccer

Ekstraklasa Live Park – the top Polish football league’s official broadcaster – will integrate a brand-new replay and content management workflow from EVS, the leading provider of live production solutions. The technology will be integrated into the broadcast service provider’s new UHD-4K, HDR-ready outside broadcast truck to produce higher-resolution live programming of the Polish league’s matches.

The unit will be integrated by Broadcast Solutions, Europe’s biggest OB van manufacturer and fitted with four new XT-VIA live production servers. To support the servers’ operation, the OB facility will also feature an IPDirector live PAM system, an LSM Connect and XFile3. The elements of the EVS workflow will be provided by EVS’ Polish partner, twenty4seven.

Commenting on the requirements for the new OB facility, Live Park’s COO Marcin Serafin said: “the need for higher-resolution is growing because viewers want to receive the best-quality programming possible. With that in mind, it’s important that the technology inside the truck is as reliable as possible. Having used EVS servers extensively in the past, we knew that they’d deliver the fastest replay workflow, even when operating in higher UHD-4K resolution.”

Introduced earlier this year, the XT-VIA is the next-generation of live production server. It allows users to operate in multiple screen resolutions, using a 12G SDI or IP-connected production environment. Installing the server into Live Park’s new outside broadcast truck means the broadcast service provider can boost its capacity to produce live football coverage in UHD-4K resolution with a higher dynamic range (HDR). Not only that, Live Park can also easily undergo the transition to an IP-connected workflow, when needed.

“The flexibility that XT-VIA provides is one of the most important aspects of the server,” said Szymon Wramba, CTO at Live Park. “It provides us with the ability to use baseband now and easily move to IP-connected operations when we need to. This opens up opportunities for us to operate more effectively through the likes of better-connected remote workflows.”

Ekstraklasa Live Park’s new OB facility will be ready from the beginning of 2019 when it will be ready to begin the production of Ekstraklasa matches in UHD-4K quality.

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