Facilis Ships Next Gen HUB Shared Storage System

HUDSON, MA (May 29th, 2019) Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks today announced that its new HUB Shared Storage System is now shipping. Built as an entirely new platform, Facilis HUB represents the evolution of the Facilis Shared File System with the block-level virtualization and multi-connectivity performance required for demanding media production workflows. Additionally, version 7.2 of the Facilis system software and FastTracker 3.0 is now available and included in all HUB systems.

Two of the first customers receiving the new HUB Shared Storage system are Revolt TV and BigStar Motion Design.

Facilis’ new HUB solutions have prospects taking notice. With recent installations at Revolt TV & BigStar Motion Design, clients were impressed by the bandwidth, speed, and performance from a single unit at 3GB/s for the HUB32 at Revolt TV and 2GB/s for the HUB16 installed at Bigstar,” said Cliff Allen of Video Technologies Group (VTG).

“The Facilis HUB systems have evolved to encompass a much wider portion of our clients’ workflows. With the built-in FastTracker application helping to manage both external and internal media on the Facilis HUB system, clients can search, index, and create proxies and previews directly on the HUB system for greater visibility and use of their assets. The ability to target the cloud, spinning disk and LTO all from the same server and user interface was also a big plus in improving upon what was previously a manual, time consuming process,” added Allen.

Facilis Object Cloud and FastTracker

New for version 7.2, Facilis Object Cloud virtualizes Cloud & LTO storage and into a cache volume on the server, available on the client desktops through the Facilis Shared File System. “When object storage is combined with FastTracker auto-indexing and proxy generation, it becomes a very powerful way to archive, track and restore project data through a simple, familiar interface,” said Jim Mckenna, VP Sales and Marketing at Facilis. “The object storage cache looks and acts like any other volume but has infinite storage behind it!”

Facilis version 7.2 new features:

  • Facilis Object Cloud – Brings Object Storage to the server and client desktop
  • Facilis FastTracker 3.0 – Support for the latest version of FastTracker asset management
  • Added Kernel Support for Linux – The Facilis Linux Client is now supported on Linux Kernel 5.0.x
  • Improved Web Console UI – Dark mode, more bulk actions, storage tab and much more
  • Simplified Server Upgrade – New one click, one reboot, server installer.

FastTracker 3.0 New Features

  • New Client Interface – FastTracker Desktop Browse window, featuring a modern web-based interface
  • Improved proxy quality options, per-catalog proxy presets, and proxy on demand
  • Unlimited Connected Users
  • Add and Edit Metadata now in the Adobe Panel
  • Quick and intuitive Keyword/Note Tagging
  • Launch of full resolution Source Material from the Adobe Panel and Desktop Browse
  • CatDV Integration – FastTracker now alerts CatDV when new assets are indexed.
  • Volume Search Filter – Records can now be browsed by specific indexed volume.

Facilis FastTracker is available for any Facilis customer with a current support contract, and now offers unlimited seat count.

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